Those who use the All-in-One WP Migration plugin are encouraged to update to version 7.0 as soon as possible as 6.97 contains an admin backend cross-site-scripting vulnerability.

An attacker would already have to be able to either compromise the database or gain access to a user account with high enough privileges to view the backup history, so some damage has already been done, but such an attacker could then also insert some XSS in order to compromise other admin users.

When double-clicking the backup description on the backup history overview page, in order to edit the description text, the text is not sanitized/escaped via html entities when generating the input field.

Vulnerability Report

Version 7.0 was released on the plugin directory about a day ago and patches the vulnerability. According to the stats on the WordPress plugin directory, All-in-One WP Migration is actively installed on more than two million sites.

A proof of concept will be published on July 24th which gives site owners about a week to update. Unfortunately, users who view the changelog prior to updating will not be able to determine it patches a security issue due to the patch being labeled as a general fix.

Updated July 19th

All-in-One WP Migration has released a new update that addresses a different security issue that was introduced in 7.0. Users are strongly encouraged to update to 7.1 as soon as possible.