Observable launched a couple of weeks ago. As far as I understand, it’s sort of like a mix between CodePen and Medium where you create “notebooks” for exploring data, making nifty visualizations.

Check out this collection of visualizations using map integrations as an example. The entries are not only nice demos of the libraries or technology being used (i.e. D3, Google Maps, Leaflet, etc.), but also make for some interesting infographics in themselves.

In a note about this interesting new …

Observable is a post from CSS-Tricks

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HTML Classes and Ids – What They Are (And When to Use What)

HTML classes and ids are not just important for hardcore coders. After all, these days you no longer have to be a web developer to have your own web presence. Instead, you can achieve almost anything by drag-and-drop or clicking a mouse button. That ability is a big part of the success of WordPress. The …
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100+ iPad Mockups: PSDs, Photos & Vectors

For displaying your latest and greatest responsive website design, or app interface, having a beautiful iPad mockup on which to demonstrate it can be really helpful. Today, we’re taking a look at almost a hundred different tablet and iPad mockups, in all shapes and sizes, that can make your app or website interface stand out. […]
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How to Create a Full-Featured Security Solution For Your WordPress Website

While WordPress itself is inherently secure, its popularity means the platform is a target for hackers. However, it’s often users themselves who become a crucial weak link when it comes to website security. You’ll want to make sure your clients’ sites are locked down, to offer long-term assurance and protection. Despite the marketing spiels you …
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20 DIY Projects to Improve Your Freelance Office

A creative workspace is good for your creativity. That’s why companies such as Apple and Google have open and innovative workspaces. While you probably don’t have that kind of budget, there are some great DIY projects you can take on to improve your freelance or home office! So grab your hammer, paint and creative thinking […]
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40+ Best Slab Serif Fonts of 2018

Slab serif fonts can be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from general body text, to headlines, to display copy. It’s a typography variant that has been used widely for digital as well as print purposes, and devices such as Amazon Kindle even use a slab serif as their default font. In order to […]
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Jetpack 5.8 Adds Lazy Loading for Images Module

Jetpack 5.8 is available for download and includes a handful of new features for Professional, Premium, and Personal plan users. In October of last year, Jetpack 5.4 began beta testing a new search module based on Elasticsearch. Jetpack 5.8 concludes the beta and the new search service is available to (more…)
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The 3 Cs of User Interfaces: Color, Contrast, and Content

There’s an old business model that many business strategists live by—the 3 Cs. It’s a reminder to focus on the company, customers and competitors. Many small businesses and websites also use this model. But for designers, the three Cs are a little different. When creating user interfaces, you should focus on color, contrast, and content. […]
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