In recent years voice-based interfaces have taken off, a myriad of new design tools have sprung up, smartphones have all but taken over from PCs, and virtual reality has made its way into the mainstream. With these progressions, the discipline of UX is changing. 

In issue 291 of net magazine, the team asked Kenny Chen to dig into what UX looks like today, and the new rules you should be taking notice of.

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In the projects section, you’ll find the five steps you need to follow to put together an effective image management strategy, how to create a 3D scene using A-Frame and Vue.js, and an introduction to the ever-popular Craft CMS.

Elsewhere in the mag:

  • Dave Stewart explores the best ways to integrate freelancers in your company so you can make the most of their skills and talents
  • The team chat to Generate speaker Steve Fisher about design sprints and diversity
  • Natalya Shelburne explores how we can build a bridge between design and development
  • Are there too many job titles in the web industry? Web pros share their views

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