Starting a blog is exciting. You’ve already come up with your list of keywords and created some excellent blog topics, but what’s next? Well, it’s now time to shape that content. First, you’ll need to look for your targeted readers, ask yourself, “Who will benefit from this post?” Remember that content which suits high school students might not help a group of business professionals.

So, always create a list of at least 3 to 4 audiences. Your blog could focus on areas like social media, programming, start-ups, or even design. With a clear demographic in mind, you’ll have an easy time shaping your titles and content. However, this is not the only factor to consider, keep reading this post and discover new tips and tricks that make any WordPress material worth sharing!


Create Viral and Pillar Content


Come up with WordPress content that is made up of 20 percent viral posts and 80 percent pillar posts. Viral content is like ‘bubble gum’ it’s shareable and sticky. Although it may not be directly connected to your primary focus, it still has elements of humor and facts.

A good example is ‘The Evolution of the Greek’ infographic from Flowtown. It was not directly related to the type of services they offer, but it still got a lot of people asking about the company. Shockingly, it went on to have almost 24000 likes of Facebook!

On the other hand, pillar content is ‘how-to’ content that teaches your readers how to handle a specific problem. It keeps your audience coming back to know more. Therefore, even though you use viral posts, an essential thing to remember is that you should always produce content that’s directly associated with your industry.


Collaboration Is Key When Using WordPress!


As you create your content, think of the people who might be interested in offering assistance. For instance, if you’re making a business infographic on accounting, think of the big industry players who can complement your post.

Let’s say you own a small accounting software company, and your customer is a great start-up. Here, you can just reach out to its founding members and request them to share a quote in your article. In return, mention them or add their logo to the piece.

So, why is collaboration essential for any WordPress project? Well, the best answer is that it expands the reach of your post. We’ve discovered that the higher the number of people you involve, the higher the chances of your content going ‘viral.’


Evoke the Emotions of Your Audience


Always base your content around these four emotions:

  • Elating
  • Surprising
  • Positive/amusing
  • Awe-inspiring

Avoid sharing offensive or sad content because people don’t want negative emotions. Instead, they want to be surprised, inspired or amused, and content which touches on such emotions gets read and shared regularly.

The bottom line is, if you can feel something when reading your post, there are higher chances that your readers will feel the same. So, try to spice up your content up a bit by using emotional triggers and good storytelling.


Spread the Post


There are several methods to ‘spread’ your content. You can provide an exclusive to a big publisher within the first day, and then ask for someone to re-post it. You could also send it to your colleagues and friends through email and ask them to share it if they find the piece useful. A good number of bloggers find it easier to include a link in an essential thread in Quora, or even in a statement on a related website.

Whichever direction you choose to take, the most crucial thing is to have a constant seeding model. To do this, follow these simple tips:

  • Encourage your audience to share the content after they are through reading.
  • Email your whole team and request them to share your content immediately!
  • Reach out to an influential blogger before you post your article and kindly ask them to share or re-post it. Give them exclusivity, and they’ll be more willing to offer their assistance.
  • Use Digg, Reddit, or StumbleUpon. You could also submit your articles to these websites. However, be cautious, if you have the same people continually presenting your content, it can end up affecting its chances of going viral. Therefore, always have a list of the individuals that you want to share your piece. Good examples are your customers, friends, and your staff members.



Create Relevant Content Always!


Any professional blogger or content creator will tell you that it’s the useful content which gets more shares. When people see something useful, they want others also to have a look at it.

All that matters here is that they know your piece is the most relevant that they can get on the internet. Keep your articles and videos detailed, but still simple for your audience to read, watch and understand!


Images Are Important!


One of the most effective methods of capturing the attention of your readers is using great images. The photos you use should be large enough and match the content. However, if you encounter any challenges, a blog like will help you in learning some fantastic design tricks.

Another technique is looking for High Definition pictures from favorite sites like or Here, once you’ve picked the most appropriate image, credit the photographer by including its source in your post.




From this information, you can see that making people share your WordPress content is quite easy. In fact, all you need to do is to put yourself in their ‘shoes.’ We feel that it’s better to start by asking yourself, “What do people in my field want to read?” If they’re not interested in the information that you produce, they’ll hardly give it a second look.

Despite all these significant factors, there’s still a lot that you can do to make your WordPress content popular with your readers. Do you have any other techniques, conceptual thoughts or suggestions? Share them with us!

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Richard Nolan is a professional educator and team building coach, sharing his experience in spheres of writing, blogging, entrepreneurship, and psychology. Currently, Richard works as an editor-in-chief for EduBirdies. Follow him on Facebook.

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