In the context of modern business, it is absolutely imperative to have a fully functional and user-friendly website. If you are into e-commerce, you will also need a powerful and reliable e-commerce platform to enable your customers to purchase goods and services. Awareness can be built both by engaging in SEO to boost search engine rankings and by marketing aggressively on various social media platforms. Since Instagram has a substantial engagement rate, many websites have integrated it into their web design.

Here are some of the best ways to integrate the platform into your site.

Helps To Build Credibility and Trust

First-time visitors know nothing about you. They’ll be looking for information on the kind of company you are and what products you provide. While your website undoubtedly tells them about who you are and what you do, following you on your Instagram account tells them more about your business attitude and how customer-oriented you are. By following your Instagram account, they can get a close view of the interactions you have with followers, and how their concerns are addressed. Following the Instagram account for some time will result in building trust and brand loyalty, especially when the company is able to demonstrate its commitment to customers. If you want to ramp up your follower base quickly, you can buy Instagram views using a specialized social media marketing agency.

Creates Brand Awareness

You can lend an extra punch to the brand awareness potential of your website by integrating social media accounts. Due to the huge following that Instagram has and its very young follower base, it has emerged as among the top choices of online businesses for integrating into their websites. Incorporating a link to your Instagram account on your website makes it very easy for the traffic generated by search engines to access your Instagram account, become your follower, and interact with your brand. Followers are also encouraged to post their own pictures of the brand experience as well as give feedback to the company for product and customer service improvement. The visual orientation of Instagram makes it easy for followers to appreciate the many dimensions of the brand without having to read a lot of text.

Remain On Top of the Social Media Trends

Hashtags are a popular way of searching for images with a common theme by followers. You can undertake a hashtag campaign or even a contest to build brand awareness and loyalty on Instagram and extend the same concept on the website for increased publicity and awareness. Further excitement can be created with such contents and more by integrating an Instagram hashtag feed on the website.


By tightly integrating your Instagram account with the website, you can make it easy for Instagram visitors to visit your website, go to the e-commerce module and carry out transactions. Those who are interested in staying updated on the development in your company will find following you on Instagram very convenient. An Instagram account is also a wonderful platform for you to showcase your creativity and unique personality.

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