Screen-Shot-2018-08-22-at-12.39.59-PM WordCamp for Publishers 2018 Videos Now Available on design tips

WordCamp for Publishers 2018 was held in Chicago earlier this month, bringing together a diverse group of people who use WordPress to manage publications. The event even got a nod from Nieman Lab, who dubbed it “WordPress’ publisher summit,” and highlighted a few tweets from the #wcpub hashtag.

“As conference organizers, we challenged speakers to touch on whether an open web ever truly existed, what state it’s in now, the consequences of a closed web, and how publishers can protect and encourage an open web,” Alexis Kulash, one of the event’s organizers, said in her recap post.

“Overall, we saw common themes emerge around empowering publishers to innovate and evolve. There was a shared belief that ethical journalism depends on an open web, with inclusivity as a fundamental building block to creating responsibly for the future.”

Sessions included topics of interest to publishers both large and small, including AMP, Gutenberg, the effect of paywalls on the open web, communication between tech and editorial teams, newsletters, performance, and many other publishing-related topics.

“Given that this is the only single-vertical official WordCamp it offers a rare perspective into a limited but very serious set of issues in a space,” Pantheon Community Manager Dwayne McDaniel said in his recap post. “Having the official support and legitimacy of the WordCamp name brand I think adds a weight the organizers could not achieve otherwise, a claim I am going to support with the caliber of the participants as substantial evidence.”

By all accounts the event was one of the best media conferences participants had ever attended. Recordings of the sessions started rolling out on today. The videos can all be found on the same page listed under the WordCamp for Publishers 2018 event.