20+ Best Party & Club Flyer Templates

Designing an amazing flyer is an effective way to get everyone excited about a party or an event. You can find a great flyer design to promote your next event from this collection of party and club flyer templates.

You don’t have to be a designer to make a professional looking party flyer (we’ve written about how to design your own flyer before). But for an even quicker solution, these pre-made templates come with attractive designs made by professionals. All you have to do is open the template with Photoshop or Illustrator and edit them.

Whether you’re planning a summer beach party, a birthday party, or a club night, this collection has a template for every fun occasion.

Summer Party Flyer Template

Summer Party Flyer

This modern and beautiful flyer template comes with a design that fits all kinds of summer parties, beach music events, and DJ events. The fresh and nature-inspired design of this party flyer makes it more attractive as well. The template can be easily customized using Photoshop.

Halloween Party Flyer Template

Halloween Party Flyer

Planning a spooky Halloween party for grownups? Then this template will help you design a cool flyer to promote your event. The illustration of the zombie hand grabbing a bottle will surely give your guests an idea of how fun your party is going to be. The template comes in A4 size.

Birthday Party Flyer Template

Summer Party Flyer

This party flyer comes with an adorable design featuring cute illustrations and it’s made specifically for designing party flyers for kids. This flyer template is available in 2 different versions for boy and girl. It’s fully customizable so you can easily edit the names and numbers however you like.

Barbecue Party Flyer Templates

Barbecue Party Flyers

Make your backyard barbecue party official by designing a great party flyer. This template comes with a design that fits barbecues of all sizes. It has plenty of space for detailing your event in style. The template comes in an A4 sized PSD file.

Valentine Party Flyer Template

Valentine Party Flyer

This minimalist party flyer template is perfect for designing a flyer for Valentine’s day party or an event. It features a simple yet an effective design and you can easily edit the PSD file to customize and add content of your own.

Hot Sun Party Flyer Template

Hot Sun Party Flyer

This creative summer party flyer will let you show off the fun side of your party or event. It comes with an attractive design that lets you design a party flyer for all kinds of events. The template is available in both Illustrator and Photoshop formats to let you customize the design to your preference.

Christmas Party Flyer Template

Christmas Party Flyer

If you’re working on a party flyer design for a Christmas party, grab this template to instantly design a fun flyer for the event. You can use it to promote a Christmas party at home or even promote a discount or a sale at a store.

Watercolor Halloween Party Flyer

Watercolor Halloween Party Flyer

This simple and creative Halloween party flyer comes with a unique design featuring realistic watercolor illustrations. The flyer is available in 3 different versions and in fully-layered A4-sized PSD files.

Easter Party Flyer Template

Christmas Party Flyer

Another cute and fun flyer template you can use to design a flyer for an Easter party event. This template also comes in 2 different color variations and features lots of colorful elements to grab the attention of children.

Summer Beach Party Flyer

Summer Beach Party Flyer

This cool and natural party flyer template is perfect for promoting beach parties and summer events. It features an attractive design with a modern touch to show off professionalism. The template comes in both Illustrator and Photoshop file formats as well.

Creative New Year Party Flyer

Creative New Year Party Flyer

Promote your new year parties and events using this creative flyer template. This template is fully customizable and also comes in PSD and AI file formats so you can easily edit the template to change colors and text however you like.

Elegant Christmas Celebration Flyer

Elegant Christmas Celebration Flyer

Another Christmas-themed party flyer to help you promote your events. This template features an elegant design that makes it perfect for promoting your official business and formal parties and events.

Club Event Flyer Template

Club Event Flyer

This flyer template comes with a design made specifically for club parties and music events. It features space for featuring a photo of your featured guests and artists as well as a colorful design to attract attention.

Tango Dance Flyer Template

Tango Dance Flyer

Promote tango dance club events and contests using this elegant flyer template. The template comes in 2 different color variants and in PSD format to let you easily customize it to your preference.

Happy Hour Flyer Template

If you host happy hour social club events, this flyer template will come in handy. It features a creative design with colorful illustrations. You can also use it to promote bars and pubs as well.

Future Club Flyer Template

Future Club Flyer

This is a modern flyer template featuring a futuristic design. It’s perfect to promote new club openings and other special events. The template comes with multiple color versions and you can easily edit it using Photoshop.

Motorcycle Club Event Flyer

Motorcycle Club Event

This minimalist flyer template is made for motorcycle clubs and events. It features a retro-themed design that fits both modern and old-school bikers. The template is easily customizable and you can even change its colors.

Club Dance Party Flyer Template

Club Dance Party Flyer Template

Another club event and party flyer template for promoting dance parties. This template comes with a colorful and an attractive design. You can also include your own model photo for the flyer using Photoshop.

Electro 80’s DJ Party Flyer

Electro 80's DJ Party Flyer

A retro-themed party flyer template you can use to promote your special club events and DJ parties. This template comes in a 4 x 6-inch PSD file and it’s easily customizable as well.

Cocktail Party Flyer Template

Cocktail Party Flyer

Planning a fun cocktail party? Then use this template to get everyone’s attention. The template comes with a creative and a fun design. It’s also available in 2 different color variants.

Pool Party Poster & Flyer Template

Pool Party Poster

This template is designed specifically for making flyers for pool parties. It will come in handy for hotels and restaurants that host pool parties for guests. The template comes in both A3 and A4 sizes and it can be easily customized using Illustrator.

Happy Hour Typography Flyer

Happy Hour Typography Flyer

This is a unique flyer template that comes with a creative typographic design depicting a beer glass. It’s designed for promoting happy hour events at clubs and pubs. This template also comes in a fully layered PSD file.

If you’re looking for a flyer design for a music event, check out our music and band flyer templates collection.