10 Examples of Timeless Apple Design

When we set out to create a list of ten historic Apple products that feature timeless design, it seemed a little daunting. The reality is that it was anything but. Apple has been at the forefront of design and product design innovation since the Apple I in 1976. (Yes, Apple really has been making computers […]
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Understanding React `setState`

React components can, and often do, have state. State can be anything, but think of things like whether a user is logged in or not and displaying the correct username based on which account is active. Or an array of blog posts. Or if a modal is open or not and which tab within it is active.

React components with state render UI based on that state. When the state of components changes, so does the component UI. …

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Grid to Flex

Una Kravets shows how to make layouts in CSS Grid with flexbox fallbacks for browsers that don’t support those grid properties just yet. Una writes:

CSS grid is AMAZING! However, if you need to support users of IE11 and below, or Edge 15 and below, grid won’t really work as you expect…This site is a solution for you so you can start to progressively enhance without fear!

The site is a provides examples using common layouts and component patterns, including …

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Preparing your content for the Extended Reality (XR) Future

You’ve probably heard rumblings in the tech industry around the innovations in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality. These mediums can broadly be defined as Extended Reality or XR. My first venture into development in XR was in 2010 when I was exploring Flash development. My application was straightforward; show the webcam a Quick …
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JAMstack Comments

JAMstack sites are often seen as being static. A more accurate mental model for them would be that they are sites which have the ability to be hosted statically. The difference might seem semantic, but thanks to the rise of many tools and services which simplify running a build and deploying to static hosting infrastructure, such sites can feel much fresher and dynamic than you might imagine, while still capable of being served from static hosting infrastructure, with all …

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How Your WordPress Security and Activity Log Can Help You Move Towards GDPR Compliance

Keeping an activity log of everything that happens on your WordPress websites and multisite networks is a vital security measure. As such, it’s important to understand how the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will impact the way you use your security and activity log. With the GDPR set to roll out soon, you’ll want …
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Server-Side Visualization With Nightmare

This is an extract from chapter 11 of Ashley Davis’s book Data Wrangling with JavaScript now available on the Manning Early Access Program. I absolutely love this idea as there is so much data visualization stuff on the web that relies on fully functioning client side JavaScript and potentially more API calls. It’s not nearly as robust, accessible, or syndicatable as it could be. If you bring that data visualization back to the server, you can bring progressive enhancement …

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20+ Best Microsoft Word Brochure Templates

Today, we’re bringing you a set of professionally designed brochure templates compatible with Microsoft Word to help you get a head start on your next brochure project. Every designer has a collection of pre-designed templates. These templates not only allow you to enhance your workflow, but also save hours of time otherwise spent searching for […]
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