best-fonts-for-posters-1 30+ Best Fonts for Posters design tips

30+ Best Fonts for Posters

Fonts come in all shapes and sizes, but when it comes to poster design, there are certain types of fonts that can help you make bold statements and attract attention. In this post, we feature some of the best fonts for posters you can use to create the perfect poster design.It’s quite difficult to generalize…

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wp-content-io-770x500 Goodbye,; Hello, WP Content design tips

Goodbye,; Hello, WP Content

Yesterday, Iain Poulson and Ashley Rich launched community-curated, news-sharing site WP Content. The launch comes on the heels of shutting down its own news-sharing service and the WordPress community losing out on a valuable resource.Both Poulson and Rich are based in the UK and work for Delicious Brains, a development company that focuses on…

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gatsby-wapuu-770x500 New Gatsby Source WordPress Plugin Now in Beta design tips

New Gatsby Source WordPress Plugin Now in Beta

Gatsby announced its new source plugin (v4) for WordPress is now in beta. The plugin has been completely revamped to improve headless WordPress setups where Gatsby powers the frontend. It also integrates with Gatsby Cloud to provide real-time previews and incremental builds.The Gatsby team has had a long journey towards creating an integration for WordPress sites that…

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marketstack-logo Get Real-Time Market Data With Marketstack design tips

Get Real-Time Market Data With Marketstack

Do you need to get the same stock market data on your website as some of the major players, such as Uber, Amazon, and Credit Suisse. That must be super complicated, right? Turns out that it’s easy with the right tool, such as marketstack.marketstack is a real-time, intraday, and historical stock market data API. It…

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premiere-pro-templates-768x500 50+ Best Premiere Pro Templates 2020 design tips

50+ Best Premiere Pro Templates 2020

Today we’re featuring a collection of easy to use Adobe Premiere Pro templates you can use to quickly craft professional-looking scenes for your videos.Whether you’re looking to make an opening scene for your YouTube channel, a title sequence for a video, slideshows, or even product promotions, this list of Adobe Premiere Pro templates has it…

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