wordpress-bg-medblue-4-770x500 WordPress 5.5.3 Maintenance Release WPDev News

WordPress 5.5.3 Maintenance Release

WordPress 5.5.3 is now available. This maintenance release fixes an issue introduced in WordPress 5.5.2 which makes it impossible to install WordPress on a brand new website that does not have a database connection configured. This release does not affect sites where a database connection is already configured, for example, via one-click installers or an existing…

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what-is-a-design-brief What Is a Design Brief: Templates, Examples & More design tips

What Is a Design Brief: Templates, Examples & More

Anyone who’s ever submitted a proposal or tried to snag a design project has probably been asked to submit or create a design brief for the project. It’s a fairly standard practice but can often be intimidating, particularly if you aren’t used to it. A good design brief is a tool that can help you…

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wordpress-bg-medblue-3-770x500 WordPress 5.5.2 Security and Maintenance Release WPDev News

WordPress 5.5.2 Security and Maintenance Release

WordPress 5.5.2 is now available!This security and maintenance release features 14 bug fixes in addition to 10 security fixes. Because this is a security release, it is recommended that you update your sites immediately. All versions since WordPress 3.7 have also been updated.WordPress 5.5.2 is a short-cycle security and maintenance release. The next major release…

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free-fonts 10+ Best Places to Find Free Fonts design tips

10+ Best Places to Find Free Fonts

Typography plays a big role in all types of designs, from product packaging to mobile apps and more. Today we’re taking a look at the best places to find free fonts, and take your design work to a new level.But why is typography so important? Remember what happened at the Oscars 2017, when they gave…

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wordpress-bg-medblue-2-770x500 WordPress 5.6 Beta 2 WPDev News

WordPress 5.6 Beta 2

Posted October 27, 2020 by Josepha. Filed under Development, Releases.WordPress 5.6 beta 2 is now available for testing!This software is still in development, so we recommend that you run this version on a test site.You can test the WordPress 5.6 beta in two ways:WordPress 5.6 is slated for release on December 8, 2020, and we need your…

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