brand-kit-examples-templates 20+ Best Brand Kit Examples & Templates in 2022 design tips

20+ Best Brand Kit Examples & Templates in 2022

A brand kit is one of the most important elements of creating a successful brand identity. It plays a key role in how you create a consistent brand look across all your business and marketing efforts. Every business and brand should have a brand kit, no matter how big or small. It will hel… Source

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pexels-photo-6185245-e1660677528953-770x500 New Voices design tips

New Voices

WordPress needs more and better conversations. Respect, cooperation, and appreciation for each others’ roles even across differences and real disagreements — is it possible? Source

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cute-powerpoint-templates 20+ Cute PowerPoint Templates (Free & Pro) design tips

20+ Cute PowerPoint Templates (Free & Pro)

Looking for adorable and cute PowerPoint templates to make more creative and lovable presentations? Then this collection of PowerPoint templates is made just for you. When it comes to presenting adorable pet-themed products, cute kids brands, or even teaching children, a beautifully design… Source

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