30+ Best Food & Drink Menu Templates

Using a pre-made menu template can be a great starting point for your restaurant or cafe. This is our collection of the best food and drink menu templates out there, to give you some delicious inspiration!

If you’re a restaurant owner or a designer working for the food industry, it can be helpful to start with a template (rather than beginning from scratch). These menu templates are easy to customise, and can be a life saver in situations where you have to meet a tight deadline. Most of these cover a full three-course menu, along with separate wine and coffee templates. All starting from just a couple of dollars!

Classic Food Menu

This menu template is perfect for designing a food menu for a small restaurant or a cafe. It’s designed with a mixed modern and classic design to attract the attention and appetite of your customers.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Mexican Food Menu

A food menu template designed specifically for a Mexican food restaurant. This template comes in both Illustrator and PSD files to let you edit and customize the design however you want.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Modern Menu – Fast Food

This food menu template is ideal for a fast food restaurant, drive-through, or a take-away business. The template features 2 sides and comes in both light and dark color themes.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Vintage Drinks Menu

A minimalist drinks menu template with a vintage design. It’s perfect for a bar or a restaurant. The template includes 2 versions: An A4 size template and a tri-fold card template.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Food Truck Menu Template

If you’re working on designing a menu for a food truck, this template will come in handy. It comes in 2 color versions and features a playful and a fun design.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

The Ristorante Food Menu

This is another minimalist food menu template that features a classic design. The template comes with 8-page design, which makes it perfect for large restaurants and hotels with lots of food and drink items.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Creative Mexican Food Menu

A yet another food menu template for Mexican food restaurants and take-aways. In addition to its delightful and colorful design, this template also features nicely categorized sections for featuring your food items as well.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Retro Vintage Food Menu

This retro food menu template is ideal for designing a menu for a classic restaurant or a cafe. It features a 3-page design and comes in A4 size.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Cafe Menu Template

A simple and a creative menu template for small cafes and fast food restaurants. This template comes in 4 different color versions and in A3 size.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Pizza Factory menu

This pizza menu template with a vintage design is perfect for creating a simple food menu for a restaurant or pizza shop.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Food Menus Bundle

This is a complete bundle of a food menu template that comes with a trifold A4 menu, an A3 menu poster, a table tent personal card, and a Logo template all packed into one bundle and offered to you for a very low price.

  • Price: $15

Food Menus Bundle

This is a complete bundle of a food menu template that comes with a trifold A4 menu, an A3 menu poster, a table tent personal card, and a Logo template all packed into one bundle and offered to you for a very low price.

  • Price: $15

The Ristorante Menu

An 8-page menu template design of 250x300mm size. The design of the menu is also highly visual and features a unique effect that highlights the text.

  • Price: $9

Restaurant Menu Template

This elegantly designed restaurant menu template comes with two versions, including a Microsoft Word version and a Photoshop version. Both with easily editable 10 A4 menu page designs.

  • Price: $18

Lore Beer Pub Menu

A beer menu template for a bar or a pub. The template features a classic and a minimalist design. It comes in 3 layouts in A3 size.

  • Price: $20

Restaurant Menu Tri-fold Brochure

Brochure menus are perfect for showcasing your daily specials and promoting other food items in your restaurant. This professionally designed template will help you get that job done.

  • Price: $9

Coffee Menu On Chalkboard

For a classy and a minimalist coffee shop, this menu design will fit in perfectly. The template mimics the design of a chalkboard and features a vintage look that’s quite attractive.

  • Price: $5

Rustico Menu

An 8-page menu design that comes in A4 size. It’s ideal to be used as a food menu at a restaurant. The template pack also includes an A4 Trifold Flyer, an A3 Menu Poster, an Open-Hours sign, and more.

  • Price: $9

Christmas Menu Bundle

The perfect menu template for your seasonal offers and specials. This bundle includes 5 Christmas-themed food menus for restaurants. All fully customizable with Photoshop or Illustrator.

  • Price: $19

Food Menu Flyer Template

A letter-sized food menu template. This one features 2-page designs and can be easily customized with Photoshop.

  • Price: $7

Alcohol Menu On Chalkboard

Another chalkboard style menu designed for a bar or a pub for showcasing alcohol. The template also features hand-drawn illustrations.

  • Price: $4

Deluxe Food Menu

A great menu template for a restaurant or a coffee shop. This pack includes fully editable 2-page menu template and an A4 flyer as an added bonus.

  • Price: $10

Vertical color cocktail menu

If you’re looking for a menu template to showcase your cocktail selection, this template will come in handy. The vertical design makes great use of the menu space to allow more listings and get rid of unnecessary page turning as well.

  • Price: $7

Modern Food Menu

This menu template is designed with a touch of a modern style and a vintage look. The menu design of the template will allow you to include longer descriptions for each menu item without clutter.

  • Price: $10

Art Deco Food & Beverages Menu

The classic and artistic design of this menu templates truly sets itself apart from the rest. It’ll be the perfect choice for offering a unique experience to your restaurant customers.

  • Price: $7

Coffee house menu template

A simple, yet a colorful, menu template for a small coffee shop. The template comes as an editable vector file.

  • Price: $5

Christmas holiday menu

Another holiday-themed menu template for showcasing your seasonal offerings. The template comes as a vector file, which you can edit using Illustrator.

  • Price: $5

Mexican Food Menu

A food menu specially designed for featuring Mexican food items. The template comes with fully editable file and a vertical design for showcasing more items.

  • Price: $7

Restaurant menu

A menu template for restaurants and coffee shops with a modern design. The template can be easily customized to feature many of your food and beverage items, especially including pizza.

  • Price: $5

Fast food menu template

The perfect menu template for your little burger shop. This template allows you to feature all your burgers and fast food items on a single menu page.

  • Price: $5

Café and restaurant menu bundle

A massive bundle of restaurant menu templates. The pack features 11 editable menu layouts in 3 different sizes and two color schemes with handmade illustrations.

  • Price: $24

Vintage Food Menu


A stylish food menu template for a restaurant with a retro image. Comes in a tri-fold brochure format, with plenty of space for your information.

  • Price: $9

Food Scene/Menu Creator


Bon Appétit is a dynamic food scene and menu creator. Each item is a smart object and on its own layer. So you can change the shadow, orientation, and arrangement of different items till you are satisfied.

  • Price: $24

Food Menu Restaurant Flyer


A menu restaurant template with blackboard theme and easily modifiable design. A blank slate for you to use as a starting point.

  • Price: $9

Elegant Food Menu


Another retro, stylish design. This one is an elegant trifold A4 food menu template for your restaurant.

  • Price: $9

Clean Food Menu


This PSD template is perfectly suitable for restaurant, catering, cafeteria etc. Easy to edit font, text, color, fully adobe Photoshop format.

  • Price: $7

Restaurant & Food Menu Icons


An all-in-one icon solution in three styles for web, mobile, print and desktop. Crafted with attention to detail, these slick icons have a modern and minimalist look & feel, for clear and powerful communication.

  • Price: $14

Simple Restaurant Menu


A beautifully designed menu for a restaurant, this template comes with double sided print-ready designs.

  • Price: $9

Brown Restaurant Menu Template


This menu template is a highly flexible and easily customizable Photoshop PSD food menu template for restaurants, eateries, cafes, coffee houses etc. Perfect for any type of food menu or restaurant.

  • Price: $9

Menu and Presentation Template


Create a great and dynamic presentation mock up. Impress your clients with a really unique style. Easy to customize, import your own photos, tweak the style, layout and colours for endless combinations.

  • Price: $19

Simple Elegant Food Menu


A beautiful tri-fold, elegant food menu template for your restaurant. Spaces for various different dishes and courses!

  • Price: $9

Restaurant Menu Design


A collection of different logo designs — a retro vintage style soft drinks design. This is a beautiful set of calligraphic titles and symbols for all different types of drink.

  • Price: $2

Classy Food Menu


A stylish, classy food menu template for your restaurant, complete with fully editable features.

  • Price: $9

Great Restaurant Menu


This menu template is highly flexible and easily customisable. It’s a Photoshop PSD food menu template for restaurants, eateries, cafes, coffee houses etc.

  • Price: $9

Vector Chalkboard Menu Template


A full vector template chalkboard menu for restaurant and snack bars. File is organized with layers for ease of use. And text is fully editable in AI and PSD files.

  • Price: $8

Cafe & Restaurant Menu Pack


An excellent menu template for your restaurant, but one that can also be used for any type of food service.

  • Price: $8

Vegetarian Restaurant Food Menu


This one is an A3 poster for vegan restaurants or restaurants with separate vegetarian menu. It can also be used for farm food or other organic and natural food serving restaurants with only small modifications.

  • Price: $8

Wooden Spoon on a Blackboard


A great blank canvas starting point. This photo is a wooden spoon on a blackboard with space for writing. It’s a JPG file of the highest quality to download.

  • Price: $12

Vintage Food Menu


A minimally designed vintage food menu for quick usage, designed to get you up and running fast!

  • Price: $7

Modern Food Menu Flyer


This modern food menu flyer is a great design for corporate businesses, restaurants, menus, hotels and motels.

  • Price: $6

Food Menu Flyer


A design that’s specifically created for a burger restaurant, that comes in both PSD and vector format.

  • Price: $9

Restaurant Menu Modern


This modern restaurant menu package features fully layered and organized print ready files.

  • Price: $12

Retro Food Menu


A retro food menu for restaurants, eateries, cafes, coffee houses etc. Comes with 300 DPI and CMYK print-ready files, and can be customized and ready to print off within minutes.

  • Price: $9

Clipboard Restaurant Flyer


A realistic clipboard template with flyer preview. You can use this template to display your restaurant’s menu effectively.

  • Price: $9

Restaurant Menu Mockup


This mockup has been specifically designed for flat menu presentations. It comes with 8.5×11 and 8.5×14 versions and includes four backgrounds (you can use your own). The fork, knife, wine bottle, and salad are all smart objects and fully layered. So they can be moved around or removed.

  • Price: $10

Restaurant Menu Classic (Package)


This classic restaurant menu features fully layered and organized print ready files. File templates included restaurant menus, table tent and business cards.

  • Price: $12

Coffee Menu


A set of coffee menu with a cups of coffee drinks (illustrated recipe of coffee drinks) in vintage style.

  • Price: $14

Control Menu


The animation template will make your presentation look more professional and effective. Various types of diagrams, charts, infographics can be easily modified to best fit your needs. Three color variations and two size variations will give you more options to make your presentation more effective and impact.

  • Price: $23

Wine List – Wine Menu


This is an editable template, specifically designed to showcase a wine list, so you can use it again and again as your wine menu changes. Also simple to re-purpose for food if you need to.

  • Price: $8

Food Menu Black Themed


A black & white themed restaurant menu template, which is a perfect starting point for your next menu project.

  • Price: $9