Last year, Drew Jaynes and Carol Stambaugh proposed a new WordCamp event geared towards organizers to the WordPress Community Team. After fleshing out the details and discussing the idea over the course of seven months, the duo has announced that a WordCamp for Organizers is officially on the table.

The goal of the event is to provide an opportunity for meetup and WordPress event organizers to share their experience with others in the community. The plan is to host a one-day event a day or two before WordCamp US in Nashville, TN, later this year.

“The idea for WordCamp for Organizers – what some of us affectionately refer to as ‘dotOrganize’ – was really borne out of many conversations I’ve had over the years with others in the WordPress community lamenting the lack of a ready knowledge sharing opportunity between event organizers,” Jaynes said.

“One common thread seemed to be the idea of common lessons learned, and how awesome it would be to just have an event for organizers to get together and swap tips and tricks.

“We’re all here organizing the same community, maybe we should get together and trade notes! And so we now have a new topic-based WordCamp just for organizers.

“It’s kind of meta – organizing a WordCamp for Organizers, but I really feel like this could be a boon for anybody currently organizing or looking to start organizing in WordPress. Exciting!”

Some of the session topics that could be presented on include:

  • Spreading the word about your community events
  • Tips for wrangling speakers, volunteers, and sponsors
  • Conflict resolution among organizing teams
  • How to respond to a code of conduct issue
  • Finding and using official organizing tools and resources

The team is seeking volunteers who can spend 2-4 hours per week to help organize the event. Although it’s focused on organizers, those who have attended many conferences, including WordCamps, with little event organizing experience, are encouraged to join the team.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please leave a comment on the official announcement post.