Persuasive copywriting is the electricity that powers online business. It’s like flipping on a light switch. Your wiring might be perfect. You might have achieved product/market fit. You might have your supply in place. You might even have a fully automated sales funnel built out.

But without the right copy, you’ll still be sitting around in the dark wondering what went wrong. Without persuasive copywriting, you have no electricity in play. There’s nothing compelling enough to pull REAL users through your funnel.

IRC WEB Services is just here to help you flip the light switch on… for your customers and ultimately for your business. We will take information and make it tangible, and in doing so, we help you communicate your value, connect with your customers, and increase your revenue.

IRC WEB Services offers an exquisite blend of experience and creativity laced with a strong dose of pro-activeness. Our people range from seasoned Journalists to PR Strategists, Media Lawyers, Event Planners, Marketing Professionals and Creative Specialists. This wide panel enables us to help our clients to adapt the way they do business to social and media changes.

We build relationships for our clients with multiple stakeholders through dialogue and relevant experiences. We engage traditional critics like NGOs because they bring a dedicated constituency to each issue. Our specialty is to find the perfect mix of Commercial Focus, Marketing requirements and Creative flair in the simplest manner.

We deal with brands, values, feelings, perceptions, tastes and above all, people. Our challenge is to offer a comprehensive range of critical high-standard services geared at improving performance and gaining recognition of significant publics.