DreamHost Invitations Coupons

If you want to subscribe for 2 year plan then use dreamhost invitation codes. Dreamhost invitation codes give you $100 discount for 2 year plan.

These invitations coupons work only one time. So hurry! Use dreamhost invitations codes before anybody else use it.

The Invitations codes are:


How to Use DreamHost Invitations Codes?

Just like regular dreamhost coupons, you need to enter dreamhost invitations codes in the “promo code” field while sign up.

Also make sure that you are subscribing for 2 year plan. These invitations coupons give $100 discount for 2 year pre-payment and only $15 discount for 1 year pre-payment. So dreamhost invitation codes only make sense when you sign up for 2 year. If you want to subscribe for 1 year, use regular dreamhost coupons to get up to $87 discount.

Who Gets DreamHost Invitations?

DreamHost invitations are very limited in supply. DreamHost gives dreamhost invitations codes to only their chosen affiliates. I don’t know on what basis they decide to give dreamhost invitations code but I got 5 invitations code and I hope they are useful to you.

This is what DreamHost has to say about DreamHost invitations codes…

  • Are each good only one time!
  • Give $15 off a 1-year signup or $100 off a 2-year signup!
  • Are way better than regular promo codes.. but are in very limited supply!

I hope you will be the lucky one to benefit from DreamHost invitations codes.

Go to https://signup.dreamhost.com/ and use the 12-digit code you give them in the “promo code” field!