No doubt about it, we’re in uncertain times and heading for very rough economic waters.

If you work with clients, you’ve already been seeing this.

But as an agency owner, consultant, or freelancer, this isn’t the time to freeze in fear, it’s the time to double down, to act and to keep moving forward, to see opportunity and to seize it.

At Post Status, we want to strengthen you, bolster you and energize you for what lies ahead as a WordPress professional.

This Friday, April 10, carve out a half day to get ideas and be inspired, to make plans, to take a big deep breath before you attack this next season of life and business, as part of our free online learning event called Post Status Live: Client Work.

We’ll spend time talk with experienced consultants, discussing things that matter to you:

  • Manage the ups and downs of entrepreneurship better
  • Build recurring revenue to normalize your cashflow
  • Improvise and make sales in a downturn
  • Clearly communicate with your clients as their trusted partner
  • Not just maintain, but scale and grow from freelancer to agency
  • And perhaps most importantly, lead the people who work with you

We are privileged to have veterans of client work who will be sharing their insights, experiences and tips:

Each session will be moderated by Post Status partners Brian Krogsgard and Cory Miller.

You won’t want to miss this free event.

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