There have long been multiple implementations of Sass. Most notably, the canonical Ruby version, now at 3.5.6. Then there is LibSass, the C++ version, which is at version 3.4 and…

Current LibSass 3.4 should be compatible with Sass 3.4.

LibSass is notable because it powers the majority of Sass ports. Over 30 of them, apparently, including the most popular one: node-sass, which provides Sass for the bajillion projects out there that wanna run an npm-y JavaScript-based dev environment and avoid the Ruby dependency.

It’s a little unfortunate LibSass isn’t up-to-date with current canonical Sass, but I think it’s on freeze as it’s been stated that LibSass will never be canonical Sass. Dart Sass will be. Well Dart Sass just went 1.0.0, and is now 100% compatible with Ruby Sass 3.5.6. They announced that Ruby Sass has now begun deprecation and—after March 26th, 2019—will no longer be maintained.

The future of Dart Sass looks pretty good:

The Dart Sass compatibility is also great, because node-sass can now switch to Dart Sass bindings and become entirely up to date. Will it? I have no idea. The maintainer of LibSass and node-sass is the same person (Michael Mifsud), and with 30+ bindings to LibSass, I can’t imagine LibSass just going away. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see a while. I gotta imagine someone will jump on making a node version of Dart Sass one way or another.

I, for one, would love to see a Web Worker version.

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