Toggling Animations On and Off

A nicely detailed tutorial by Kirupa that gets into how you might provide a UI with persisted options that control whether animations run or not.

The trick is custom properties that control the movement:

body {
  --toggle: 0;
  --playState: "paused";

Which are used within animations and transitions:

.animation {
  animation: bobble 2s infinite;
  animation-play-state: var(--playState);

.transition {
  transition: transform calc(var(--toggle) * .15s) ease-in-out;

And toggle-able by JavaScript:

// stop animation"--toggle", "0");"--playState", "paused");

// play animation"--toggle", "1");"--playState", "running");

Then get into using the media query to test for reduced motion off the bat, and storing the preferred value in localStorage.

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