I have a hard time walking a mile or two let alone 748km, but that’s what Marcel Bootsman did on his journey to WordCamp EU to generate funds for DonateWC.

In this interview, Bootsman explains how he prepared for the journey, what he experienced during his trip, and why he chose DonateWC as the charity to raise funds for.

One of the things that I was curious about was what Bootsman thought about during those long stretches where he had plenty of time to think to himself.

The thing that I noticed is that my thinking had changed during the month. In the beginning, I was thinking about my work, my company, and my family a lot. After about a week my family met me and it was very emotional.

After that week I found a how do you call it, peace or something like a Zen mode. Nothing was on my mind for large parts of the route. While I was walking, I was just looking around at the scenery and checking out the animals that I saw.

Sometimes I got an idea about my work and what I wanted to do differently. I’d write it down on my phone and the trip was mostly calm and relaxing.

Marcel Bootsman

The interview is 31 minutes long and is available in video and mp3 formats. There’s also a transcript available below. In the end, Bootsman was able to raise €8590 for DonateWC and inspire a lot of people. To learn more about his journey, check out his Walk to WordCamp EU summary.

Watch and Listen:

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Interview with Marcel Bootsman