WordCamp Kochi, India, was originally scheduled for September 2nd, but due to heavy rains and extensive flooding in the area, the event has been postponed to November 3rd. The venue is unchanged.

Kochi is located in Southwest India in the coastal state of Kerala. The flooding has been so severe, the Kochi airport has been shutdown since August 15th due to electrical damage.

In addition to WordCamp being postponed, WooCommerce has also postponed its Women’s Workshop.


Organizers worked with WordCamp Community Support who agreed that the best course of action was to delay the event.

Besides, one of the ethos of conducting a WordCamp is to ensure a safe space for attendees and participants. Since the state is still recovering from the floods, conducting a big event poses a lot of threats/challenges, like rain-borne diseases, unpredictable weather, etc.

Hari Shanker R

Tickets for WordCamp Kochi are still available and can be purchased from the event’s site. Women who use the WCK18WOMAN coupon code will receive a 40% discount off the ticket price. There’s also a discounts page with information on other ways you can reduce ticket prices.

Those who purchased tickets for September 2nd can use the same ticket to attend November 3rd. If you purchased tickets for September 2nd and can not attend November 3rd, you’re encouraged to contact the event’s organizers as refunds are not available.