In this episode, John James Jacoby and I discuss the news of the week including, the removal of offensive lyrics in Hello Dolly, a request for plugin developers to stop supporting legacy PHP versions, and changes coming in WordPress 4.9.5.

We also talk about community management, the difference between comments and forums, and finally, John shares his concerns on how the Gutenberg call-out prompt is being built into core.

Stories Discussed:

A Plea For Plugin Developers to Stop Supporting Legacy PHP Versions
Without Context, Some Lyrics Inside the Hello Dolly Plugin Are Degrading to Women
Why Gutenberg and Why Now?
Noteworthy Changes Coming in WordPress 4.9.5
In WordPress 4.9.5, Users Will Be Two Clicks Away From Installing and Activating Gutenberg From the Dashboard

Picks of the Week:

How to Disable Push Notification Requests in Firefox

Facebook Container Add-on for Firefox

WPWeekly Meta:

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