In this episode, John James Jacoby and I discuss what’s new in the world of WordPress. First, we talk about Syed Balkhi’s growth accelerator fund and learn that Jacoby pitched a similar idea to Balkhi at WordCamp Miami 2017.

We discuss the new feedback surrounding Gutenberg thanks to the call out in WordPress 4.9.8. Near the end of the show, we have a thoughtful conversation around misinformation, truth, and the fine line of allowing freedom of speech on private platforms.

I apologize for the audio quality in this episode. During the Live hangout, there were no issues detected. However, once the video was encoded by YouTube, audio issues were present, the video was choppy, and the length of the show was shortened.

Unfortunately, I’ve been complacent with Google Hangouts’ reliability and have not been recording my audio locally. Beginning next week, Jacoby and I will record our audio locally so if this issue happens again, we’ll be able to combine the audio tracks. Although there are parts of this episode that are difficult to listen too, I believe there is enough good audio in the show to warrant its publication.

Stories Discussed:

Syed Balkhi Launches A WordPress-focused Growth Accelerator Fund
Gutenberg Plugin Garners Mixed Reactions from New Wave of Testers
Mythic: A WordPress Starter Theme by Justin Tadlock Now in Open Beta
Advanced Custom Fields to Add Gutenberg Compatibility in Version 5.0, Slated for September
Ephox, Creators of TinyMCE, Rebrand to Tiny Technologies Inc.
This Company Keeps Lies About Sandy Hook on the Web

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