It doesn’t matter what business you decide to start or you already have, the website is its main representation of what you can do. You know you need it, and you know it has to be great.

This brings us to a question: how can you make the website project easier to develop, cheaper, and faster?

There’s a single answer to that question: WordPress.

It’s the absolute CMS for running anything from a personal blog to large enterprise site. It’s no wonder it now controls over 30 percent of the web.

You’re not convinced? We’ll give you the 10 major reasons why you should consider WordPress.


WordPress Is Free


WordPress is an open-source software. You have the freedom to use it, modify it, and build upon it in any way you want. Yes; you’ll probably have to pay a designer or buy a theme to make your website look good. But you have tons of flexibility to modify the software, which is free and awesome.


It’s Really Easy to Setup and Use


WordPress was made to be used even by people who have no idea how to do HTML code. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to develop a simple website without paying too much for it. You just need to choose a theme, play with its features, and you’ll have the site online in no time.

Now keep in mind that we’re still talking about a professional website for your business. It has to be good. It has to be more than good. So if you’re not self-confident in your skills, it’s still best to pay someone to do it for you. That’s how you’ll get more from the potential that WordPress has to offer.


The Community Is Great


Whatever solutions you need regarding the maintenance of your website, you can count on the immense WordPress developer community. You’ll find tutorials on how to use all features. You’ll get absolutely free guides on how to make your website better. You can also count on eBooks, videos, and other types of material that helps you maintain and improve your WordPress site.

These resources are nicely categorized, so you’ll easily find the guidelines you need.


It’s a Highly Popular Platform


32.5% of all websites are powered by WordPress. This makes it the most popular content management system, way ahead of Joomla that has only 3.1% of the market share.

Some of the most popular websites you’ve seen were made with WordPress. To mention only few of them, take a look at Microsoft News or TechCrunch. From the websites that are not so popular but just as great, take a look at It proves that WordPress is versatile enough to cover the needs of news agencies, small business websites, and blogs all at once.


You’ll Use WordPress for the Website And the Blog


Should we even start talking about the importance of a content marketing campaign for your business? You absolutely need a blog, where you’ll implement SEO strategies and you’ll publish content for your audience. WordPress covers both aspects of website development. You’ll use it to manage the entire website, including a great blog.


It’s Mobile-Ready


Whoever you’re targeting, it’s clear that your audience uses mobile. More and more people are abandoning full-sized computers for the sake of comfort and mobility. So you want your website to look good on any device, and WordPress enables that for you.


WordPress Has Great Themes


With the right WordPress theme, you can achieve any goal you have for your website. The themes are perfectly arranged to produce an appealing graphic interface. With a good Premium theme, in particular, your options are unlimited. It will come with an easy-to-use page builder and it will be highly responsive. In addition, you’ll get to use great plugins to customize your website in any way you want.


There’s No Need to Code


The themes take us to the next important advantage of WordPress: you don’t need to touch any code. WordPress designers are doing that for you. You only use and adjust the finished product.


You Can Use All Kinds of Plugins


Plugins are like apps for WordPress. Whenever there’s a specific feature you want to add to your website, there’s a plugin for that. It will extend the functionality of WordPress.

Some of the most popular plugins for WordPress include Yoast SEO, Google Analytics, Ninja Popups, and Wordfence Security.


WordPress Is SEO-Friendly


WordPress is not particularly SEO-friendly out of the box, but you can definitely improve that aspect with plugins. There are countless options for you to play with the settings, customize meta tags, reduce 404 errors, and take other actions that will improve the SEO aspects of your website. WordPress makes all that possible.

There’s no question about it; WordPress is the best platform for your business site. It gives you all options you could possibly need, and it’s a pretty affordable and convenient option.

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