menu-mockup-1 20+ Menu Mockup Templates (Free & Pro) design tips

Designing a menu for a restaurant, cafe or venue? You may have thought that the trickiest part would be selecting which food and beverages to offer, but that was until it came time to choose the design!

Fortunately, there are hundreds of mockups available out there that can help you see what your menu design will look like in a real-life setting before you commit to printing it. Whether it’s for a high-class fine dining establishment, a low key cafe, or anything in between, there’s bound to be a mockup that’s perfect for showcasing your menu.

We’ve rounded up some of the best menu mockup templates available, from both free and premium sources, with a range of different styles and aesthetics, so you can be sure that you’ll find an option that works for you – and they’re all available to download in a matter of seconds.

Top Pickmenu-mockup 20+ Menu Mockup Templates (Free & Pro) design tips

Why settle for one menu mockup template when you have access to thousands of different kinds of menu mockups for just one price? Plus, you can edit all these templates online, without ever needing to use Photoshop.

That’s exactly what Placeit does. It lets you use high-quality mockups, edit them using its online editor, place your own designs, and download them quite easily. No need for Photoshop. And yes, it includes loads of menu mockups too, in all sorts of settings. Think of it as a menu mockup generator. But of course, it’s more than that.

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menu-mockups-1-1024x769 20+ Menu Mockup Templates (Free & Pro) design tips

Our first menu mockup template is a classic cafe style scene featuring a woman seated at a table with a cocktail, holding up an open menu. This is a versatile and easy to customize mockup that’s perfect if your menu has two separate pages, and you can also edit the color of the menu itself to match your branding.

menu-mockups-2-1024x683 20+ Menu Mockup Templates (Free & Pro) design tips

If your cafe, restaurant or venue is designing menus in the style of table tents, this menu mockup template is for you! It offers a minimalistic design displaying two upright menu tents, and the colors of each tent as well as the background can be customized as you wish.

menu-mockups-3-1024x769 20+ Menu Mockup Templates (Free & Pro) design tips

Next up is a premium menu mockup template from Placeit that depicts a vertical menu being held up against a classic brick wall. It’s ideal if your menus are for a venue with an industrial feel, and you can adjust the color of the menu and even add your own graphics for a bit of personalization.

menu-mockups-4-1024x769 20+ Menu Mockup Templates (Free & Pro) design tips

Another classic menu setting, here we have a vertical booklet style menu lying on the table of a cafe or diner next to a cup full of cutlery and a condiment caddy. This realistic and versatile option is ideal for more casual dining venues and will give your menu a professional and authentic look.

menu-mockups-5-1024x677 20+ Menu Mockup Templates (Free & Pro) design tips

If you’d rather use a simple, minimalistic menu that doesn’t draw any of the focus away from your design, consider this mockup of a man holding a trifold menu against a plain background. Both the background and menu color can be customized, and you can always add graphics of your own to jazz it up.

menu-mockups-6-1024x683 20+ Menu Mockup Templates (Free & Pro) design tips

Here we have a premium menu mockup template sourced from Envato Elements, featuring a modern, beautifully laid out arrangement of various restaurant elements, including a knife, an avocado, business cards, a branded envelope, and your single page menu on a classic wooden clipboard, all in a high quality, layered PSD file.

menu-mockups-7-1024x683 20+ Menu Mockup Templates (Free & Pro) design tips

Dreaming of cocktails and appetizers by the pool? Choose this menu mockup template depicting a vertical bifold menu being held by a woman lounging beside a Mediterranean looking pool destination. It comes with six unique layouts and layered smart objects for easy customization.

menu-mockups-8 20+ Menu Mockup Templates (Free & Pro) design tips

As the name suggests, this single page restaurant menu mockup template is perfect for a pizza-themed dining establishment, and comes as a free PSD file download from Freepik. The simplistic and clean design will be ideal for showcasing your menu.

menu-mockups-9-1024x683 20+ Menu Mockup Templates (Free & Pro) design tips

Next up in our lineup of menu mockup templates is this premium, multipurpose option from Envato Elements, that features an A4 menu in several different positions against a plain background with realistic shadow effects, smart objects and a 300 dpi resolution.

menu-mockups-10-1024x683 20+ Menu Mockup Templates (Free & Pro) design tips

Another stunning premium download from Envato Elements, this menu mockup template is ideal for a single upright table menu, and showcases your design on a plain, customizable background next to a pair of cutlery. There are five positions to choose from, each of which offers an authentic and high-quality finish.

menu-mockups-19-1024x683 20+ Menu Mockup Templates (Free & Pro) design tips

If you’re searching for the perfect menu mockup template for a wine menu, look no further than this minimalistic premium template from Envato Elements, featuring three different layouts of wine bottles displayed on a plain white background next to a bunch of grapes.

menu-mockups-11-1024x768 20+ Menu Mockup Templates (Free & Pro) design tips

Next in our list is a free restaurant menu mockup template from DesignBolts, featuring a rustic layout that includes a portrait-oriented menu on a rustic wooden clipboard, with a potted succulent in the corner. It comes in a 4000 x 3000 pixel PSD file and is a versatile and natural-looking option for any kind of eatery.

menu-mockups-12-1024x683 20+ Menu Mockup Templates (Free & Pro) design tips

Here’s a modern, food-focused menu mockup template from EnvatoElements that displays your double-sided menu on a brown clipboard surrounded by common kitchen items such as vegetables and a pepper grinder. Every aspect of this premium mockup can be customized easily using the inbuilt smart object system.

menu-mockups-13-1024x683 20+ Menu Mockup Templates (Free & Pro) design tips

If you plan on displaying your menu on the wall of your restaurant, consider this high-quality menu mockup template that includes eight different photorealistic effects for showcasing your vertical menu, with organized layers and a high definition resolution for a professional finish.

menu-mockups-14 20+ Menu Mockup Templates (Free & Pro) design tips

Perfect for a Japanese themed restaurant, our next menu mockup template features your menu in a frame at the center of a black wooden table, surrounded by Japanese food items. This contemporary option is available for free download via Freepik.

menu-mockups-15-1024x683 20+ Menu Mockup Templates (Free & Pro) design tips

Here we have a beautiful, elegant menu mockup template that’s brilliant for a fine dining establishment. It includes two unique views of your menu sitting on top of two plates, in between a fork and spoon, and is fully customizable according to your preferred color scheme and design requirements.

menu-mockups-16 20+ Menu Mockup Templates (Free & Pro) design tips

Our next free download from Mockup Tree showcases your menu design with a range of classic restaurant elements, including a napkin, plate and cutlery. You can adjust all of the colors, shadows and light effects using the PSD file layers, and smart object functionality will allow you to customize further.

menu-mockups-17-1024x683 20+ Menu Mockup Templates (Free & Pro) design tips

This stunning premium menu mockup template features your vertical food menu design arranged between several gold accented items, giving it an elegant and luxurious appeal that’s ideal for an upmarket restaurant. All objects are fully editable, and two different views are included.

menu-mockups-18-1024x631 20+ Menu Mockup Templates (Free & Pro) design tips

Next in our collection is a beautiful free menu mockup template from Behance that will give your menu a subtle rustic vibe. It’s ideal if you have a menu that features two pages or sides, and will display each next to each other on top of a rugged wooden surface, with both a flat lay and an angled perspective included.

menu-mockups-20-1024x683 20+ Menu Mockup Templates (Free & Pro) design tips

Finally, we have a fresh, simple design offering six unique poses with a vertical menu standing upright on a cafe style table next to a range of other food items. Every aspect of this menu mockup template, from the colors to the shadows and other effects, can be fully customized.

This concludes our list of the best free and premium menu mockup templates out there, from wine lists and pizza restaurants to coffee shops and sushi bars – there truly is something for every kind of menu, and they’re all waiting for you to download right now.

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