Actionable Ways to Drive Conversions to Your WordPress Website

Most website owners understand the importance of driving traffic to a website. It’s the metric that quickly gets webmasters excited as they imagine all those site visitors turning into profit. But the truth is traffic on its own doesn’t really mean much. If it doesn’t convert, then it won’t matter whether the number of monthly …
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20+ Best Fonts for Posters

Fonts come in all shapes and sizes, but when it comes to poster design, there are certain types of fonts that can help you make bold statements and attract attention. In this post, we feature some of the best fonts for posters you can use to create the perfect poster design. It’s quite difficult to […]
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Render Caching for React

Server Side Rendering (SSR) is a very useful technique that makes web apps appear faster. The initial HTML is displayed before the JavaScript is parsed and, while the user is deciding what to tap on, our handlers are ready.

Server side rendering in React requires additional work to setup and has server costs. Furthermore, if your server team cannot have JavaScript running on your servers, you are stuck. It significantly complicates the CDN setup especially if you have pages that …

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30+ Best Watercolor Background Textures

Using watercolor backgrounds and textures, with a watercolor painting effect, is a trend that took the world of design by surprise. These unique, colorful backgrounds can work beautifully with typography and simple design elements to give any design a fun edge. The background is an important part of any design project. Whether it’s a website […]
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How to Use the Gutenberg Migration Guide to Deliver Modern WordPress Plugins

Love it or loathe it, Gutenberg is here to stay. As such, getting your WordPress themes and plugins to work with the new editor should be a primary concern. Truth be told, if you’re only just thinking about this aspect now, you’re cutting things pretty close. However, there’s still enough time to prepare your products, …
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Is Your Website Font Size Too Small? Large Text Is In

The standards for typography on the web have shifted. Designers are going with bigger, easier to read typography that is more seamless and consistent across devices. The trend toward bigger web typography started with oversized treatments above the scroll, from headlines to more artistic hero header text elements. Body text sizes concurrently started to increase […]
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