How to Stay Focused While Working From Home

Almost all freelance bloggers suffer from lack of inspiration from time to time. It happens for many reasons, but very often, we simply neglect some rules. For instance, an uncomfortable workplace may leave you no motivation to work. Or, you may simply feel tired in uninspired after working for several hours with no breaks. Here …
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CSS-Tricks Chronicle XXXIV

Hey gang, time for another broad update about various goings on as we tend to do occasionally. Some various happenings around here, appearances on other sites, upcoming conferences, and the like.

I’m speaking at a handful of conferences coming up!

At the end of this month, October 29th-30th, I’ll be speaking at JAMstack_conf. Ever since I went to a jQuery conference several million years ago (by my count), I’ve always had a special place in my heart for …

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30+ Best Event Flyer Templates

Designing an amazing flyer is an effective way to get everyone excited about a party or an event. You can find a great flyer design to promote your next event from this collection of party and club flyer templates. You don’t have to be a designer to make a professional looking party flyer (we’ve written […]
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How to Use an RSS feed in 5 Different Ways

If you are running a WordPress website, RSS feeds are a great way for you to reach out to your audience. Sure, most people follow news and updates from their favorite websites and blogs via social media or by directly accessing the site, but there are also plenty of those which use services like Feedly …
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Continuous Integration: The What, Why and How

Not long ago, I had a novice understanding of Continuous Integration (CI) and thought it seemed like an extra process that forces engineers to do extra work on already large projects. My team began to implement CI into projects and, after some hands-on experience, I realized its great benefits, not only to the company, but to me, an engineer! In this post, I will describe CI, the benefits I’ve discovered, and how to implement it for free, and fast.

CI …

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20+ Best Gothic Fonts

There’s something unusually attractive about a gothic font design. It can make any typographical layout look magnificent and majestic, and it’s probably why gothic fonts are widely used in branding and logo design. If you’ve been looking for a unique gothic font for a new project, you’re in luck. We’ve handpicked the best gothic fonts […]
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Ipapi: A Simple, Scalable IP Lookup Tool

One of the tools powering great user experience is IP location data. This information can do everything from making forms easy for users to fill out, to ensuring that the correct language is used on a website to help prevent fraud online. It’s a tool that more and more website developers are turning to. And […]
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