Almost all freelance bloggers suffer from lack of inspiration from time to time. It happens for many reasons, but very often, we simply neglect some rules. For instance, an uncomfortable workplace may leave you no motivation to work. Or, you may simply feel tired in uninspired after working for several hours with no breaks.

Here are four main things, which will help you to stay motivated and inspired.


It’s very important that you like the room or part of the room you work in. That’s why, in order to stay motivated for work, you need to create a place where you will want to spend the major part of the day.

If you work from home it may be very tempting to work from bed, but that doesn’t promote very much creativity. Have a space in your house that is just for working. That way you’ll know when you go there, it’s time to work.

It doesn’t matter if you personally work better at a traditional desk or a couch, just make the space separate from the rest of your house. This way your work won’t bleed into your personal life and you’ll be more focused on the work you are doing.

Wall Décor

Now that you have your workspace set aside, it’s important to decorate it. Unlike office workers, you are free to opt for much more wall décor ideas for your office as it’s your home and you may use any piece you consider appropriate. For instance, it can be a print with a motivational quote or phrase.

If you write articles within the specific theme, you may use the images, dedicated to it. If you have a blog about travels, the images with beautiful places from all around the world will be a cool source of inspiration. Moreover, you can print posters with your personal travel photos.

However, posters and images aren’t the only things, which can adorn the walls of your home office. You can hang the shelves and place there some things, which have to do with your job, like a set of old records if you’re a music blogger. The point is you get to choose items that inspire you.



Don’t forget to take some breaks and look away from your screen. When you work for several hours in a row, the inspiration flies away pretty fast. Especially if you’re working on a long form piece, you may simply lack inspiration and energy to finish it. Even if you need to post something urgent, sometimes it’s necessary to take a coffee break or go away from the screen for 5-10 minutes in order not to get bored.

When you work at an office, it’s easier to have breaks to talk to colleagues or get lunch. But, when you work at home and are too involved into creation of a new post for your blog, you may forget about that.

During the breaks, we recommend to leave your cozy chair in front of the computer and do the things you like. For instance, listen to music, have a short walk in the park, scroll through Instagram, talk to your friends, or read a book. Though these things distract from work, they may serve as inspirational tools to continue working. Moreover, they may push you forward to some new ideas.


If you work from home, it may be tempting to work in PJ’s. Though that is certainly more comfortable, it may impede productivity. Much like working from bed, your brain think it’s time to relax and sleep, not work.

Waking up and changing into new clothes will do wonders for focus. You’ll feel like you are officially at work and be able to work straight through until you’re done.

So, if you take into account our recommendations, your home working will become more productive and interesting. Of course, we are all different and all of us have our own sources of inspiration. However, these four tips are basic will work for anyone.

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