30+ Best Subtle Black & White Background Textures

Are you looking for a subtle black and white background texture to make your designs stand out from the crowd? In this collection, we’re featuring some of the most beautiful, simple, and modern black and white background textures you can use for your design projects.

A black and white texture is the ideal choice for crafting a background to better highlight the content of your design. Whether its a website, a presentation slideshow, a poster, a book cover, or a social media post, a B&W background will help emphasize the text and the content of your design above all else.

Melt – 76 Abstract Black and White Backgrounds

Melt - Abstract Black and White Backgrounds

Melt is a big bundle of black and white backgrounds that feature modern and smooth designs. The pack includes 6 unique background designs and they are available in 19 different color variations. You’ll be able to use these backgrounds on many different occasions.

10 Black & White Marble Backgrounds

10 Black & White Marble Backgrounds

The beautiful marble effect in this backgrounds pack is truly amazing. It’s perfect for creating a background for a landing page, website, or a social media profile. The bundle includes 10 unique backgrounds featuring different designs.

Black and White Space Polygon Backgrounds

Black and White Space Polygon Backgrounds

This is a pack of black and white backgrounds featuring space-themed designs. It includes 12 different backgrounds in 5120 x 2880 resolution. You can use them to design backgrounds for websites, apps, greeting cards, and more.

Lines – Abstract Stripes Black & White Backgrounds

Lines - Abstract Stripes Black & White Backgrounds

This bundle of backgrounds features a stylish black and white striped design which are ideal for crafting greeting cards, invitations, packaging, and more. The pack includes 39 different backgrounds in 4500 x 3000 resolution.

10 Black and White Polygon Backgrounds

10 Black and White Polygon Backgrounds

Another pack of stylish black and white backgrounds with polygonal designs. It includes 10 different background designs in 5000 x 3333 resolution. You can use them to craft backgrounds for product landing pages, websites, presentations, and posters.

Subtle Black Layered Backgrounds

Subtle Black Layered Backgrounds

A dark yet a subtle backgrounds pack that’s most suitable for designing websites and apps, especially with a focus on highlighting its content. The bundle includes 10 backgrounds with different textures.

Diagonal – 24 Rounded Lines Subtle Backgrounds

Diagonal - 24 Rounded Lines Subtle Backgrounds

This bundle of backgrounds includes 24 different stylish designs that feature rounded lines. The backgrounds are available in 12 different color variations, including black and white and in 4500 x 3000 resolution.

Abstract Black & White Particles Backgrounds

Abstract White Particles Backgrounds

The subtle backgrounds in this bundle feature creative black and white particle design. It comes with 11 different backgrounds in 6K resolutions. You can use them to create stylish website and app backgrounds as well as for presentations and promotions.

Dark Stone Wall Texture Backgrounds

Dark stone is a collection of textures that feature designs based on real photos of stone walls. It features 27 unique stone wall texture backgrounds in 3000 x 3000-pixel resolution and includes 1 additional texture of dry leaves. The stone wall texture of these backgrounds will give a bold look to your designs.

Waves Subtle Textures Backgrounds

Waves is a beautifully minimalist textured backgrounds collections that feature subtle wavy lines in a clean background design. The pack includes 10 different backgrounds in 3000 x 2000 resolution, which makes them perfect for your website backgrounds, app designs, logotype presentations, and much more.

Chalk Texture Backgrounds

This is a pack of 12 unique black and white backgrounds that features chalk-like textures in different designs and styles. You can use them in your print designs, presentation slideshows, website header designs, and more.

Grit Texture Backgrounds

Grit is a background textures collection that emphasizes the white color of the design. The bundle features 10 different textures with unique, rough, and attractive designs. These backgrounds are perfect for crafting quote photos for social media posts as well as backgrounds for website headers and apps.

Leather Texture Backgrounds

A collection of highly minimalist backgrounds that includes textures based on leather material. The subtle design of these backgrounds and the level of minimalism is beyond any other B&W background you’ll ever see. This seems like the ideal background pack for designs related to a luxury fashion brand or a high-end product website.

White Lava – Background Textures

White Lava background textures pack comes with 15 different designs that feature subtle textures as well as a lot of white space. These backgrounds will be perfect for making a header image for a minimalist website design.

Grunge Wall Texture Backgrounds

Even though our collection is supposed to be all black and white backgrounds, we couldn’t resist including this one on the list. This pack includes 10 amazing wall texture backgrounds in 3000 x 2000 resolution and featuring a delightful mix of color and depth unlike any other.

Stripe Textures Backgrounds

Use this pack of texture backgrounds to add a subtle stripe based header image to your website, app, or make an attractive cover for your social media profiles. This bundle includes 7 unique stripe background textures, in both light and dark versions. And it also comes with an additional pattern file featuring 14 pattern designs.

Geometric Textured Backgrounds

A bundle of textured backgrounds featuring subtle geometric patterns. This pack comes with 10 unique texture backgrounds and you’ll be able to choose them from 6 different color variations. These backgrounds are especially suitable for web-based designs.

Black Dark Watercolor Texture

This pack of background textures features a set of watercolor-based designs. It includes 24 unique backgrounds for using with your website and print projects. It also comes with an additional Photoshop pattern file for easily creating your own unique backgrounds.

Inverted Black Ink Backgrounds 5

A collection of dark backgrounds featuring a subtle handmade ink design. The pack comes with 15 unique backgrounds in 6000 x 4000 resolution. These are ideal for designing a background for a website design, social media covers, print design, and many others.

Vintage Book Textures

This bundle includes unique textures with patterns that you usually see on vintage books. It features 8 unique vintage-style textures, which you can use to craft your own black or white backgrounds for your website, app, and print designs.

15 Dust and Hair Particles Backgrounds

Dust and particle effects are a common texture you usually see in many modern graphic designs, especially combined with vibrant colors. However, it also looks great in black and white as well. This bundle proves that with its 15 brilliant backgrounds which have been made with “optically captured dust particles”.

20 Wood Textures

This bundle comes with 20 unique background textures that feature wood-based curvy designs. If you’re working on a children book cover, a kids-themed website, or any other quirky design, these textures will help you craft a unique background for your project.

30 Dust Particles Backgrounds

Another bundle of dust particles backgrounds featuring 30 different textures and backgrounds in many different colors, including dark and black backgrounds. These backgrounds will work well with both print and web-based designs.

Inverted Black Ink Backgrounds 6

This pack of black ink-based backgrounds features a collection of hand-made textures that are perfect for designing banners, posters, website headers, social media posts, and more. It includes 15 unique backgrounds in 6000 x 4000 resolution.

WEB Delightfully Subtle Texture Pack

A collection of 30 unique texture backgrounds design specifically for web-based design projects. It features subtle textures featuring a design based on lightly distressed papers with different styles and hues. It also comes with layered PSD files for easy editing and customizing the textures as you like.

Black Dark Texture

A bundle of 12 dark background textures for using with your luxury design projects and many other print designs, including business cards, book covers, phone covers, and more. This pack also includes a Photoshop pattern file as well.

Realistic Textile Backgrounds 6

This is a bundle of unique background textures featuring designs and patterns based on clothing. It comes with 25 different textures in 3000 x 2000 resolution and they are perfect for crafting a background for all designs related to fashion and clothing brands as well as many others.

Silver Texture & Patterns

A pack of background textures featuring a subtle pattern. The backgrounds in this pack feature a dark design with a touch of silver color, which adds a certain originality to all backgrounds in this bundle. It includes 12 backgrounds and 1 pattern file.

Painted Backgrounds

This is a collection of unique background textures that features artistic patterns of painted styles. It includes 12 background textures in 3000 x 2000 resolution. These backgrounds will certainly give your designs a stylishly artistic look.

Network Turbulence Backgrounds

This unique bundle of backgrounds features an unusual pattern that’s been computer generated to fit many modern websites, apps, and other digital designs. It includes 10 different background textures in 5000 x 3333 resolution.

Black Ink Backgrounds Vol.4

A natural handmade ink-based background textures collection that you can use to craft many different types of backgrounds, social media posts, posters, book covers, greeting cards, and much more. The bundle includes 10 backgrounds in 6000 x 4000 resolution.

Hand Crafted Textures and Patterns

Another big bundle of subtly textured backgrounds. This pack comes with 26 hand-painted foam textures that highlight the white color. It also includes 12 seamless patterns and Adobe Illustrator files for customizing the backgrounds to your preference.

Glassy Atom Array Backgrounds

If you’re working on a background for an app landing page or a technology website, this bundle of backgrounds will come in handy. It includes 10 unique abstract backgrounds featuring a futuristic Atom-based design in 5000 x 3333 resolution.