You work hard to create a professional website with educational content. You don’t want to get buried under all the other sites on the web. That’s where social media comes in handy. If you can create a customer base on Facebook or Twitter they’ll get your updates every day, and you’ll always be top of mind. Better yet, they might even share you work to their follower base. However, you need to make it as easy as possible for readers to access your social accounts.

You can do this by adding social media buttons directly into your posts. Adding social media buttons allow the audience to easily share products, services, or content with their friends or family online, thus acting as a promotional tool for you.

Top Ways to Add Social Media Icons to Your WordPress Blog or Site

Adding Social Media Buttons To Each Page

There are basically two ways to add social media buttons to your WordPress site or blog. Firstly, you can download and install a theme that offers the automatic addition of social media buttons. Here you will just need to utilize the ‘Customize Screen’ or similar button and then, add the right URL in all the fields. Secondly, you can always use code to add social media buttons to your site or blog. For this, you need to have the proper coding knowledge to write the code and execute it on your website.

Adding Buttons to the Side of Each Post

For adding buttons to each post, you need to download and install a plugin such as WP Social Widget or Social Widget by WPZoom. These plugins allow you to add social sharing buttons to the left-hand side of each post. This placement of icons is really effective as they are easily accessible and noticeable by the audience. The plugin also allows you to customize each icon and offers automated size management of icons according to different screen sizes.

Adding Icons on the Top/Bottom of Each Post

Putting your social icons at the very top of each page will catch the eye from the start, making sure everyone sees them. For doing this, you need to download and install a plugin like Social Warfare. You can use this to insert social icons on the top and bottom of each post to allow the audience to share posts. Another feature of these plugins is that they also offer a ‘share counter’ feature that shows how many times a post has been shared before.

Adding Icons to Menus

You can add the social sharing icons to the menu using a plugin such as Social Media Shares. After downloading and installing it, you just need to follow the guidelines and choose the relevant icons from a list of options available. Go to Appearance, then Menus, then create a menu link and then add accurate URLs of all the social sites you want to be shown. You can also add social sharing buttons to the menus with the help of coding and widgets as well.

Adding Sharing Links to Images and Icons below Videos

If you have a promotional image or video of your business on your website or blog, you may add the social sharing links and icons to these as well. Easily add sharing links below every video to allow the audience to directly share it with their social circle. With WWM Social Share on Image Hover, you can allow the audience to find the various social media icons as a popup and let them share images to their social media accounts.


Social Media websites have become an essential part of everyone’s life around the world and thus, it is really a great opportunity for bloggers and businessmen to utilize these for the promotion of products, content, and services. With a global outreach, you can easily take your business or blog to a whole new level as visibility and sales will increase and so will the profit.

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