The world has known about selfies for a few years now, what with cellphones featuring front-facing cameras and “selfie” becoming 2013’s Word Of The Year according to the Oxford Dictionary. With millions of selfies being taken every day, you’re bound to find some that aren’t quite ready for public eye, yet they still get posted to the Internet or whatever social network that person is using.

When you put something up on social media or anywhere on the web, chances are someone will see it, and if it’s worthy of being shared (for whatever reason), that person will likely do so. People try to take hot selfies everyday, and some of them completely fail at this task, but somehow they still got uploaded to some dark corner of the internet, and before long someone will share it with their internet friends (or, as is usually the case, the entire internet).

There have been thousands and thousands of cases like these, and you’ll never run out of hot selfie fails to look at, but I’ve compiled a short list of 5 in particular that are pretty bad. These hot selfie fails are terrible for a variety of reasons, all of which are readily apparent to everyone, except the person who posted the selfies.

1: Face The Wall While Mommy Tries On A New Bra

sexy-selfy-fails-mom 5 Worst Selfie Fails design tips

Frontrunner candidate for Mom Of The Year right here, ladies and gentleman. Posing only in her underwear, this mom must have no idea what cropping is, as her young son is clearly in the photo, undoing any sexiness the mom could have summoned up for this selfie.

Whether she was showing off some new underwear to her man or she was simply feeling like Beyonce, she still forgot the little guy facing the wall behind her, which immediately undoes anything sexy she could have done. Was he throwing a fit and couldn’t wait in the fitting room by himself, or is it part of their routine for him to join her?

Either way, this ‘hot’ selfie is a huge fail, and I think this mom could due with a crash course in Cropping 101 and a little respect for her son, who shouldn’t have had to be in this hot selfie fail.

2: Grandma Gave Her A Leg Up On The Competition

sexy-selfy-fail 5 Worst Selfie Fails design tips

This young girl was trying to take a hot selfie for her Myspace, but it appears she couldn’t make it on her own. Rather than pick a different pose or put on a more flexible pair of pants, this girl decided to recruit her Grandma, a woman who looks like she survived the London Blitz back in World War II.

This sweet elderly lady will do whatever it takes to make her granddaughter happy though, so she went ahead and held up her leg so the girl could finally take the selfie she’s always wanted. There’s just one caveat: Grandma is in it and this attempt at a hot selfie is a complete and utter failure; it’s so bad that it frankly doesn’t belong on the Internet, and subsequently, this very list.

3: That One Time Kim K Photoshopped Her Already Huge Butt

1411587379_kim-kardashian-photoshop-fails-zoom 5 Worst Selfie Fails design tips

One of the most iconic hot selfie fails of all time, this selfie taken in late 2013 by Kim Kardashian and featuring former friend Blac Chyna was hot at first glance, but after a few moments it’s hard not to notice that something about the bathroom floor and the door are a bit off…

Yeah, that’s because they’re bent. Doors and floors don’t bend, ya’ll.

This oft-discussed selfie was quickly revealed to be photoshopped, but clearly it hasn’t slowed Kim K down at all, although her old pal Blac Chyna didn’t seem to benefit from the selfie fail. Coming from a chick with an already enormous rear end, it’s a wonder why she felt the need to photoshop a simple selfie, but she must have known what she was doing, as the selfie made headlines around the world (don’t ask me why).

When you’re Kim Kardashian, you can have a selfie fail and walk away from it unscathed, which can’t be said for the rest of us.

4: Mom Selfie Fail Part 2

sexy-fail-baby-toliet-selfie 5 Worst Selfie Fails design tips

Have a small child with you but need to take a hot selfie? Take some notes from this selfie, as this mom (or babysitter?) knows how to multitask, but only in an inappropriate way.

Rather than waiting till she’s back home or doesn’t have a baby with her, this young woman decides to snap a booty selfie with a baby strapped to her chest, something you don’t see often in the childcare world. With this selfie, you’re basically getting two fails in one, which you can’t say about most selfie fails.

Hot selfies are supposed to be hot, but there are a few things in this one that distract you from anything remotely ‘hot’: the baby, the pants just sitting at the woman’s ankles, and the toilet with sandals next to it. Classy.

If you’re going to take a booty pic, at least take your pants off all the way. And remove the baby strapped to your chest.

5: That Time When A 70 Year Old Took A Shirtless Selfie

sexy-selfy-fails-geraldo 5 Worst Selfie Fails design tips

No no no no no no no no no no no. No, Giraldo, no one wants your shirtless selfie.

Arguably one of the worst hot selfie fails of all time, this atrocity was taken by Giraldo Rivera, a man resected in the media, until one fateful late summer 2013 day when he drank some tequila and posted this selfie on Twitter. For everyone to see.

Bad move, Giraldo, as it cost you a gig to moderate a panel at a respected university. You missed out on some money, and now everyone squirms when they look at you or hear your name, all because of one selfie.

Just because you’re drunk doesn’t mean you’re attractive, which is something you’d expect a man of his age to know by now. Can’t take it back now, but at least he’s kept his shirt on since then.

If you’re going to take a hot selfie, please make sure that there is nothing in it that will embarrass you or anyone you know, as it’s always the best selfies and the worst selfies that get circulated the most. In all honesty, take a selfie that gets you somewhere in the middle area between remarkably hot and the worst fail of the year.

Sometimes, it’s best not to stand out.

If you want to learn more about this, check out the video below!