The digital world is a crowded arena and the competition is getting fiercer than ever. Eigital marketing is a fast, dynamic landscape and for marketers who are willing to keep ahead of their competition, they need to keep up to date with current trends, technologies, and strategies.

However, there are many digital marketing tips that you can try in order to gain more traffic for your website.

Have a look.

Content Clusters for Improving SEO

Search engines have recently changed their algorithms. Instead of favoring keywords they are now showing preferences to cluster content around particular topics. That is the reason why marketers have begun linking content form clusters around pillars (topics) that are related to their category.

Basically, these pillars or topics are pages that broadly outline a topic. These pillars link to each of these cluster pages and each cluster page links back to the pillar with the same hyperlinked keyword. This means that one page performs well the entire cluster will get a boost.

However, topic clusters signal to search engines that you are an expert within the category.

Snack Ads

“Snack Ads” are not an ad about snacks but short videos less than 10 seconds long that you can see on social media platforms.

Because people’s attention spans are getting shorter, these short ads are a great way to make an impression quickly.

Make sure your videos aren’t only easy to consume but also contain good information regarding your brand. Think of what you would see while scrolling through Twitter or Instagram.


Chatbots have been used by many companies but in the near future they will be taking over customer service for many brands. It is believed that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be through chatbots. In other words, they will be smarter in the near future.

Bots are not only an effective way of mass communication but will allow 24/7 two-way communication between your audience and your company, which will boost your customer satisfaction along with boosting your response rate on Facebook while improving SEO as well.

However, there are some brands that are hesitant of integrating chatbots because of the fear of poor user experience. But worry not, according to a recent study, 70% of consumers reported a positive experience and a further 9% were mutual about the experience.

Social Media Influencers

Using social media influencers isn’t a new trend but its important in the digital marketing world.

Although, a few years ago, brands had used to have influencers that openly endorse products. However, consumers are more aware of this now. Brands are developing long-term relationships with influencers as these long-term relationships will allow the two parties to grow together and produce more organic endorsements.


For many years marketing had a negative stigma where marketers and sales representatives were perceived as self-serving and deceitful because of their exaggerated promises, product benefits, and unethical sales or advertising techniques.

With consumers becoming harder to impress and more reluctant to believe the pitch, it can be harder to earn their trust.

Many brands are becoming more transparent and honest with their potential customers and it’s working. Consider letting people know exactly what your intentions are, it can go a long way.

Mobile Marketing

Users spend more than 2.8 hours on mobile daily, which means you need to be considering mobile marketing.

That is the reason why 79% of advertising will be displayed on your smartphones. However, there are many firms that are putting such an emphasis on their mobile marketing campaigns and that’s why you should be adopting a mobile marketing strategy for your brand too!

These simple marketing techniques will make sure you stay ahead of the game, get noticed, and make more money.

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