Ben Terrett continued his review of books he’ll never read with a look at Saul Bass: A Life in Film and Design. I gave it a mention some years back. Worth another.

saul-bass-life-film-design-01 A few things #8 design tips

The importance of asking questions. Not specific to design, but the success of any project depends on asking questions. Generally, the more questions I ask my clients, the easier it is to create the right design.

Jessica Hische made a client email helper to help you say “no” to free and low-budget work and to help ask for more favourable contract terms before the start of a project.

Steven Heller shares some examples of fascist, right-wing symbolism in film.

double-cross-logo-chaplin A few things #8 design tips Charlie Chaplin adopted the double cross as a satire of Nazi iconography.

Ian Paget chats about optical corrections in logo design.

In its push for acceptance and inclusion, IBM introduced a rainbow version of its 8-bar monogram.

ibm-rainbow-logo A few things #8 design tips

“The colors of the IBM rainbow logo design were adopted from the original rainbow colors designed by artist Gilbert Baker and commissioned by civic and cultural icon, Harvey Milk, shortly before his assassination. Baker’s design was created to be a symbol for the gay rights movement. Inspired by the Flag of the Races, Baker’s design consisted of 8 stripes of color, each representing a different aspect of humanity. The design was used for the first rainbow flags that were hand-dyed and debuted at the Gay and Lesbian Freedom Day march held on June 25, 1978.”

Via Quipsologies.

More on Paul Rand’s classic IBM logo.

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