I have sold my share of Post Status to Cory Miller as I step aside to explore new opportunities running a product business outside of the WordPress space.

It is with mixed emotions that I share the news that I am no longer an owner of Post Status. I have officially sold the second half to my partner from the past year and a half, Cory Miller. You have all seen Cory step in and be a major part of this community, and he’ll continue to steer the ship as I step aside.

It has been an extreme privilege to create and run this community — and see it blossom into a wonderful entity with its own identity. In the last few years, I’ve worked to bring more voices and more talent into the fold, and I’m confident that I leave Post Status in very able hands. Cory has plans for the future that will enable Post Status to thrive.

I have been in the WordPress space for more than a decade now. I think of myself professionally as a “WordPress person.” However, I am not in day-to-day WordPress work anymore and haven’t been for some time. I don’t do consulting or product or core development or many of the things our members and readers do. In part because of that, I do not have nearly as much to say editorially as I once did.

Many of the major themes that I outlined and expected to unfold many years ago continue to play out. From a business perspective, many of the folks I grew up with in the space have had several iterations on their careers and businesses. It has been a joy to cover these events, talk with people, and watch from the sidelines while spurring on the conversation inside the Post Status newsletter and Post Status Slack.

There are times in life when it just feels right to move on and take the next step. That time for me is now. It’s difficult to let go of something I created, but I know it’s time.

As for what I’m doing now, I have continued to dive deeper and deeper into the crypto ecosystem — a journey I began in early 2017. And it is time for me to try my own hand at building a product, just as I have seen so many friends do in the WordPress world. I’ll have more to share on that front if you follow my personal Twitter account @krogsgard.

I am still a WordPress person. I have learned so much since I first discovered WordPress in 2008 and started working with it professionally in 2011. Post Status is 8 years old and was my primary job for 6 of those years. It’s the longest I’ve ever done anything. To all of you who supported my work here over the years, thank you so much.

I look forward to being a “normal” member of the community, and I’ll see you in Slack. If you’re not a member of the Post Status Club, you should be