Given the fact that many websites are facing the wrath of hackers compromising on personal and financial information of your visitors, it is time to take stringent web security measures. And what better way to provide a strong security cover to your website than by installing an SSL certificate?

SSL certificates are mandatory, multipurpose instruments for every online business. So for all those businesses which are on the brink of installing SSL certificates on their websites, it pays to understand their numerous benefits.

Here is the rundown of seven significant benefits of securing your website with an SSL Certificate.

Encryption and Decryption – The Strongest Means To Safeguard Your Online Data

The pivotal role of an SSL certificate is to raise a strong wall of protection to the exchange of client-server information. This protection is ensured through the process of data encryption. When you install an SSL certificate on your website, you will be bestowing the right of ownership of the data exclusively to the justified recipient (either the server or the browser). Simply put, an SSL certificate locks (encrypts) all the data from everyone else, except the authorized user who can unlock (decrypt) it.

That means, all your personal and financial data including the credit card numbers, user IDs, and passwords are all encrypted and secured on an SSL installed website. Thus, encryption and decryption through an SSL certificate come as the most powerful means to protect any bit of information that you send or receive via your website.

Get Your SSL Of Trusted CA

The second most significant benefit of installing an SSL certificate comes in the form of authenticating your website. When it comes to web security, verification of identity is an indispensable activity. Customers should be utterly convinced about the authenticity of the site they are transacting with.

It is for this reason; you should initiate a validation process and establish a secure connection through a trustworthy Certificate Authority (CA) SSL Cert. A CA is ordained to perform a close examination of your domain, when issuing domain validation certificate and additionally verify business profile; when issuing extended validation certificate.

When the Certificate Authority checks your domain and issues an SSL certificate, you can secure all the account login details of your customers. Most browsers including, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer support the SSL Certificate issued by trusted the CA and display a green padlock icon in the browser address bar. This prevents hackers from stealing your data during transmission, and encourage the visitor to shop confidently.

This act of prevention, in turn, leads to better search engine rankings. With many privileges are offered by Google to HTTPS enabled websites; you will be in a strong position to derive a number of search engine ranking benefits as well.

For you to avail all the above positives, it comes as an intelligent move to go in for an affordable and reliable SSL Cert. One such alternative is to obtain an SSL Certificate is from trusted Certificate Authority like RapidSSL. When you took RapidSSL from a reseller and install in your server, you get data encryption security, ranking boost, and gain customer trust; you can get it at the best-discounted offer in RapidSSL from Cheap SSL Shop. The RapidSSL Certificate is one of the most trusted CA (Certificate Authority) and recommended by resellers.

Promise Safe Shopping Procedures and Checkouts

It is not an exaggeration to quote that information becomes your strength, more so in the case of online transactions. With so much being talked about the prominence of HTTPS websites, all the online shoppers are well-informed about the significance of an SSL certificate and the security gaps in HTTP websites.

An SSL certificate makes it mandatory for all the online businesses to support the 128-bit encryption specified under the PCI Security Standards. With this statute in place, you can guarantee safer credit card payments to all your visitors. Hence, an SSL certificate comes as a non-negotiable instrument to initiate a successful credit card transaction through verified payment gateways.

Raise A Strong Wall Against Phishing

Online scammers often send phishing emails, which contain malicious web links to capture the credit card information of visitors. They do so to impersonate a fake website as an authentic one, which is a fraudulent act of phishing. Shipping confirmations or advertisements often contain such links.

A perfect retort to such attempts is available through an authentic SSL certificate. Given the fact that it is a herculean task for fraudsters to invest in an SSL certificate, all those websites which don’t show security signals will stand to lose. Such websites will be cordoned off, permitting visitors to simply avoid sharing any personal or financial information.

Record Higher Revenues Through Branding

It is common knowledge that a direct correlation exists between trust and revenue. If you operate through a trustworthy website, you will naturally attract the attention of visitors. Hence an SSL certificate not only improves your customer base but also leads to higher conversion rates.

Websites powered by SSL certificates will show up images signifying the implementation of a stable encryption procedure. It is through such branded images that your customers will feel safe to transact.

A Strong Indicator of Your Business Ethics and Professionalism

For the simple fact that digital privacy is the most crucial necessity for the online world, all those businesses which demonstrate their ethical side to customers will benefit. HTTP sites which come with a ‘non-secure’ warning impinge business prospects. It is crucial to move to an HTTPS site.

Customers will recognize your efforts when you have an SSL certificate in place and will bestow a higher level of confidence and trust in your professionally-run business. In addition to conducting a fair business, investing in an SSL certificate is an indicator of your business ethics. The fact that you are also striving hard to provide a robust security cover to your loyal customers; and will improve your online goodwill manifold.

An All-In-One Unique Selling Proposition

With so much going in favor of an SSL certificate, business entities have a lot to gain by installing it on their websites. While you can increase the visitor rate to your site, you can also attract a larger number of shoppers. While you are striving to safeguard your online profile, you are also paving the way for increased sales.

A trustworthy checkout system does the trick of not only attracting first-time customers but also helps you retain existing ones. An SSL certificate can become your USP and a key to scale up your online business.

Closing Thoughts

By enlisting all the benefits of installing an SSL certificate on your website, you are informed of the various ways in which a ‘non-secure’ warning can dampen your business. Businesses which operate by putting themselves in the shoes of customers will benefit as they will be prompted to initiate the SSL certificate installation. And with time, you will start reaping all the benefits of the SSL certificate security cover as an indispensable asset to your e-commerce business.

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