BobWP’s WooSnippet for the Week of March 4

In this Week’s Woo Snippet: Breaking change notice Mollie Payments, WooFunnels 🆙 and Fast ‍️ New at Do the Woo 🆕 Cut ZeroClipboard

Breaking Change Notice

This week, on the WooCommerce core front, the team shared a breaking change notice with the woocommerce_emogrifier hook. This is a result of the upcoming minimum supported PHP version. Their post explains what this means and offers a workaround for developers.

Mollie Payments, WooFunnels 🆙 and Fast ‍️

In other Woo news, Mollie Payments is now available for WooCommerce. That is big news for merchants in the UK.

WooFunnels, a popular automation plugin, has joined the WPBeginner Growth Fund. This investment into Wistr, the parent company of WooFunnels, will help accelerate growth in 2022 and beyond.

Fintech startup Fast — a one-click payment solution that has been taking on the Woo space for the last three years — has closed its doors. From the conversations about it around the web, it seems clear they moved a bit too fast without the solid leadership they needed.

New at Do the Woo 🆕

On the Do the Woo podcast, Andrew Wikel joined Zach Stepek for a conversation about WooCommerce support from a developer’s standpoint. Building a site is totally different from just knowing the code. But then there’s the hard stuff, like databases and exporting orders, or caching. Get their thoughts on mitigating chronic pain points like these. Full-site editing, and what excites Andrew rounds out their talk.

I also released version 3.3 of Do the Woo this past week. Long ago I decided to record my site version updates with a changelog. This time around, my changes emphasize additional opportunities for Woo builders to elevate themselves in the community.

Cut ZeroClipboard

Last of all, here’s a reminder. If you have a WooCommerce plugin, theme, or project that uses the ZeroClipboard (a JQuery plugin managing clipboard interactions) it is going to be removed in an upcoming release for good reasons. It’s not doing things you can’t do without JQuery nowadays. So make sure you are covered there.