When it comes to blogging, most businesses today are guessing. They see what everyone else is doing and attempt to compete with cheap knockoffs and no direction. That’s a great way to waste money.

Real content marketing is strategically focused on one thing and one thing only: your target market. What do your customers want? What questions are they asking? What phrases are they entering in search? Where are they spending their time online?

Strategic content marketing is a highly scalable way to get those REAL PEOPLE onto your site and into your funnels. It’s not a short-term strategy. It’s not a cheap strategy. But when it’s done correctly, the results look very similar to an exponential curve. It starts slow, but as it grows, it builds on itself, so each additional step is orders of magnitude larger than the last.

Content marketing starts with traffic. IRC WEB Services will help you immediately increase traffic by creating & promoting strategic content that makes a big splash in your niche.

More importantly, we help you scale your traffic in the long run by optimizing your content around high-traffic key phrases, setting up targeted lead magnets that increase subscribers, and providing you with a gameplan for scaling social engagement.

Traffic is just the first step to the content marketing equation. The next step is turning that traffic into qualified leads who want what you’re selling.