FlippingBook’s Quality Digital Publication Creator Tool

Things are going digital. Nowadays every Tom, Dick, and Harry owns a smartphone or a tablet. As an online publisher it is a great opportunity for you to reach millions of people through these devices.

Yes you can publish a digital journal in any of the old traditional ways like PDFs or simple Word documents. But amongst the sea of other digital journals being published nowadays, how will you stand out of the crowd? In other words why should people read your publication when there are millions of other options available? You have to give them a reason and your reason must better be good.

We recommend you try FlippingBook.

flipping-book-publisher FlippingBook’s Quality Digital Publication Creator Tool design tips

FlippingBook is helping content producers publish digital content the smart way since 2004. They have extensive knowledge and expertise in the development of interactive applications. Their products have gained market recognition for their outstanding quality and good functionality. They have Microsoft, Panasonic, LG, Lenovo and Disney as their clients.

flipping-book FlippingBook’s Quality Digital Publication Creator Tool design tips

The picture above shows an example of how your publication will look like if you will use FlippingBook.

Their prominent features are discussed below.

Best for magazines on a low budget

FlippingBook Publisher is a good choice for magazines which can’t afford expensive offers. The software lets them make digital magazines. Many different pricing options allow people to choose between different types of plans and offers. But all the plans have their core features similar. For example they all offer perfect quality publications, compatibility with any kind of device, easy content management and unlimited number of issues. Unlimited number of issues means as long as your software has not expired you can create any number of journals with it you want.

Build your brand

FlippingBook allows you to keep your company’s brand intact while using the software. You can take your official data, files and brochures and import it into FlippingBook Publisher. You can then replace the background given by default with your branded image. Change the colors, edit the names, add your logo, etc. You can tweak and re-adjust anything you want to reflect your brand.

FTP client

FlippingBook’s built-in FTP client lets you upload your files to any FTP server directly from the website’s interface. All you have to do is to enter your server name, password, and the specific folder you want to upload the files to. FlippingBook will then upload the publication instantly.

Share instantly with Publ.com

I said above you can upload your files to a FTP server. But in case you don’t have a FTP server you can try Publ.com.

Publ.com is an online service which is intended for hosting, delivering, and efficient managing of digital publications which are created with FlippingBook.

This accelerates the uploading and makes it easier for embedding of the journal on your website. You can then share the publication with your clients, friends, and business associates through social networks. All this can be done directly from FlippingBook Publisher.

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