Want WordPress to run faster? In this webinar, you will learn how to think about front-end performance, as well as the tools and tactics to improve your visitor’s experiences.

Front-end performance in WordPress is all about first impressions and using those first impressions to create a positive experience for your website visitors. In this webinar, Mike Crantea and Sabrina Zeidan from XWP unpack how to think about front-end performance and where to focus your efforts to create positive experiences for your site’s visitors.

This webinar is focused on guiding business owners on how to think about performance in WordPress. You will learn the general principles behind front end performance. Then you’ll get an introduction to some standard tools for monitoring site performance followed by some tactics for improving your website’s performance. 


  • Mike Crantea, Principal Engineer at XWP and Performance Advocate 
  • Sabrina Zeidan, Performance Engineer at XWP

Host: Jonathan Wold, Post Status Partnerships


  • How to think about front-end performance in WordPress. 🤔
  • Tools available to you.
  • Practical tips and recommendations. ‍️

Mike Crantea#

Principal Engineer at XWP

Principal Engineer at XWP and Performance Advocate.

Passionate for Frontend Architecture and Web Performance, writing about it.

Follow Mike on Twitter and GitHub.

Sabrina Zeidan#

Performance Engineer at XWP

Performance Engineer at XWP.

All-things WordPress performance, and talking about it. 

One of the many whose lives have been changed by the WordPress Community.

Content Team Lead at WordCamp Europe 2022.

Follow Sabrina on Twitter.

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