Jennifer McFarland, the web services coordinator for the North Carolina State Office of Information Technology (OIT), recently did an interview with Technician, the official student newspaper of NC State University.

Since Gutenberg’s announcement in December of 2017, McFarland has published a series of articles on the NC State Office of Information Technology website educating staff and students on what to expect.

McFarland was asked how the team plans to help staff and students after Gutenberg ships with WordPress.

“A couple of times a year, we go and speak at various classes, professors will have us come out and do demos of WordPress,” McFarland told the Technician.

“We are expecting an uptake of people requesting us to come out and do a demo of WordPress or something like that, but generally our plan right now, at least for students, is mostly just offer the sort of self-help, like the video tutorials and things like that, and we figure that the students will mostly try and solve their own problems.”

Speaking of McFarland, she and Brian DeConinck presented on Gutenberg at WPCampus 2018. The videos from the event are still being processed but we’ll add a link to the presentation once it becomes available.

It’s pretty cool to see people in McFarland’s position in higher education already have a firm grasp of Gutenberg and doing what they can to ease the transition for staff and students