Japanese municipalities

It’s interesting to see the different symbol designs for flags of Japanese towns and cities. Most show the same clean and uncluttered style from the Japanese flag.

Flag of Sendai
Sendai, Miyagi (1933)

Flag of Hida
Hida, Gifu

Flag of Kawasaki
Kawasaki, Kanagawa (1925)

Flag of Hiroshima
Hiroshima, Hiroshima (1896)

Flag of Kitami
Kitami, Hokkaido (1947)

Flag of Kochi
Kochi, Kochi (1920)

Flag of Naruto
Naruto, Tokushima (1947)

From this list of Japanese municipal flags on Wikipedia (split into regions).

A few designs are briefly explained over on Pink Tentacle.

Biei’s symbol, for example, features the hiragana び (bi) in the shape of Mt. Tokachi.

Flag of Biei
Biei, Kamikawa

Via Design Observer.

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