Jetpack 6.9 was released today with three new blocks for the editor. Subscriptions, Related Posts, and Tiled Galleries are now available as blocks under Jetpack in the block inserter tool.

Screen-Shot-2019-01-10-at-3.25.10-PM Jetpack 6.9 Introduces New Blocks for Subscriptions, Related Posts, and Tiled Galleries design tips
New blocks in Jetpack: Related Posts, Subscription Form, and Tiled Galleries

The most exciting thing for both Related Posts and the Subscription form is that they can now be placed anywhere within post or page content with a live preview. Previously these modules were limited to wherever the theme placed them, or widgetized areas in the case of the Subscription form. Below is an example:

Join 42,989 other subscribers

Custom functionality for safari and IE
( function( d ) {
// In case the placeholder functionality is available we remove labels
if (( ‘placeholder’ in d.createElement( ‘input’ ) )) {
var label = d.querySelector( ‘label[for=subscribe-field-492]’ ); = ‘rect(1px, 1px, 1px, 1px)’; = ‘absolute’; = ‘1px’; = ‘1px’; = ‘hidden’;

// Make sure the email value is filled in before allowing submit
var form = d.getElementById( ‘subscribe-blog-492’ ),
input = d.getElementById( ‘subscribe-field-492’ ),
handler = function( event ) {
if (” === input.value) {

if (event.preventDefault) {

return false;

if (window.addEventListener) {
form.addEventListener( ‘submit’, handler, false );
} else {
form.attachEvent( ‘onsubmit’, handler );
} )( document );

Tiled galleries can now easily be inserted, manipulated, and previewed in the new editor with all of the same features they had before. Styles and link settings for the galleries can be found in the block sidebar, but they are somewhat limited when compared to other plugins like Block Gallery. Now that the Jetpack team has the basic block in place, they can easily update it with new features.

Users will need to have their Jetpack accounts connected to to access any of these new blocks, but they will all work on the Free plan.

If you have been missing Jetpack shortlinks since Gutenberg was released, you will be pleased to find that Jetpack 6.9 brings them back under a new Jetpack icon at the top right of the block editor. Clicking on it reveals Jetpack’s publicize options as well as the shortlink.

Screen-Shot-2019-01-10-at-5.25.18-PM Jetpack 6.9 Introduces New Blocks for Subscriptions, Related Posts, and Tiled Galleries design tips
New Jetpack icon menu

Jetpack is constantly evolving its admin menu and user flows. This release brings changes to various screens, including a new “My Plan” section in the Jetpack dashboard, as well as a reorganization of the sections and cards under Jetpack > Settings. It also improves the notices displayed to users who have not connected their accounts.