Pulsating Sonos

This got a ton of online press last week.

If you scroll up and down while viewing the following image, the lines surrounding the Sonos wordmark appear to pulse, kind of like the speakers sold by the home audio company.

Sonos logo

Created by Bruce Mau Design, the portfolio page unsurprisingly doesn’t mention the effect — it’s a subtle bonus, not the main idea — but I doubt the illusion went unnoticed on during development.

Update: It was spotted about halfway through the process.

Anyway, it didn’t half generate some brand attention (on Gizmodo, The Verge, Quartz, Business Insider, The Drum, Yahoo, 9GAG, and plenty more).

Sonos signage mockup
Tradeshow booth mockup

Sonos logo

More identity imagery on the Bruce Mau website.

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