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Why create a PowerPoint from scratch when you can jumpstart projects with a stellar presentation template?

SlideSalad offers a wide selection of premium templates in an online marketplace that you can browse and find just what you need.

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the different premium presentation templates you can find to see if this tool can work for you.

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What is SlideSalad?

SlideSalad-336x246 SlideSalad: A Marketplace for Premium Presentation Templates design tips is the No. 1 online marketplace for premium presentation templates for all of your business needs. From simple presentation designs to a full range of corporate and business-oriented PowerPoint presentation styles, you’ll find it all here.

The online marketplace prides itself on having the best PowerPoint templates available. (We’ll look at 10 different categories of those below.) In addition, SlideSalad has some of the best Google Slide templates and best Keynote templates for business and general needs.

The thing that makes SlideSalad special is high-quality templates that are easy to customize. This makes it fast for you to download a template as a starter and then make it your own for use and reuse.

Every template is based on a Slade Master with free fonts and vector shapes and icons. Unlike some other downloads the require a lot of extras, everything you need is right there with the download so you can start designing using drag and drop tools.

Another bonus to using SlideSalad is the impressive collection of vector icons that come ready to use. All templates come with more than 5,500 icons that are categorized and updated regularly.

Presentation templates also include more than 125 premade theme colors with a professional look and feel or you can use one-click options to convert any color palette into your brand style. Every template is ready to use right away or comes with instructions to make it your own with just a few simple steps.

Best-Business-PowerPoint-Templates-768x433 SlideSalad: A Marketplace for Premium Presentation Templates design tips

When it comes to finding the best business PowerPoint templates, you probably need plenty of flexibility and a theme that feels sleek and credible.

The other key element to a business PPT template is having plenty of tools to create charts, numerical representations, and graphic representations.

SlideSalad breaks down PowerPoint templates for professional presentations into categories that you can search and see visual elements from while browsing. What this means is that if you need a slide deck with a template for a buyer persona, futures wheel, or product-market fit model, you can find them with ease.

Once you have an idea of what you need, you can click through to see full visual displays of each slide option so you know if it is the right fit before downloading.

Best-Selling-PowerPoint-Templates-on-SlideSalad-768x433 SlideSalad: A Marketplace for Premium Presentation Templates design tips

What makes a best-selling PowerPoint template on SlideSalad? It’s all about the features.

SlideSalad has ranked many of their top templates – you can find them here – to help create something stunning right away.

Plus, you’ll have a template with all the features you need:

  • Clean and high quality design
  • Plenty of color choices
  • Compatible with all versions of PowerPoint
  • Lifetime updates
  • 24/7 support

Best-Professional-Marketing-Templates-for-PowerPoint-768x433 SlideSalad: A Marketplace for Premium Presentation Templates design tips

Marketing and sales is a popular area for PowerPoint templates with a lot of graphic design flair. These slide decks and presentations are designed to impress.

SlideSalad has a large selection of marketing and sales presentation templates that are ready to customize and use. Just search by keyword, or sort available options by popularity, rating, newness, or price.

Make sure to pay attention to and look for the green “featured” tag. These are some of the most robust template options in the marketplace and are designed to take your presentations to the next level.

best-infographics-powerpoint-ppt-templates-768x433 SlideSalad: A Marketplace for Premium Presentation Templates design tips

Infographics can be an important visual aid for presentation design, but they can be difficult and time-consuming to create. SlideSalad has an entire category of infographics PowerPoint templates to take a lot of hassle out of this element of presentation design.

When it comes to looking for a template with infographics, the biggest decisions include whether you want static or animated graphical elements, whether you like a more flat or three-dimensional style, and what kind of icons would best fit your business presentation.

Answer these questions as you browse templates to find just the right fit with ready-made infographics that you can just fill in your data or information.

best-business-strategy-powerpoint-ppt-templates-768x433 SlideSalad: A Marketplace for Premium Presentation Templates design tips

Almost every business strategy requires explaining during a presentation. SlideSalad business strategy PowerPoint templates can take all of the worry out of these types of presentations so you can focus on what you want to share, not designing slides.

When showing business strategy visually, make sure to pick a presentation that gives you the flexibility to use graphical and text elements to best showcase your information.

A great collection of visual elements can keep people you are presenting to more engaged and interested in your message.

Business-Management-PowerPoint-PPT-Templates-768x433 SlideSalad: A Marketplace for Premium Presentation Templates design tips

The further up the ladder of your company you move, the more likely it is that you will be required to create and give management presentations. Start with a sleek template to increase your confidence level going into one of these talks.

Use the nifty selector from SlideSalad to choose templates that are linked to your industry or profession. Each of these templates will already include plenty of elements, icons, and tools that relate to what you are trying to communicate.

Then all you have to worry about is customizing for your brand and with your content.

Business-Plan-PowerPoint-Presentation-Templates-768x433 SlideSalad: A Marketplace for Premium Presentation Templates design tips

Impress potential investors, team members, or employees with a stellar business plan PowerPoint presentation template from SlideSalad.

Use a mix of graphic elements with high color and icons to show everything you want to communicate in a meeting. A professional look and feel is vital here when you are trying to show that you have a solid plan for moving your business idea or company forward.

Don’t stress about the presentation design when you can use a template and then focus on what makes your business special.

Startup-Pitch-Deck-PowerPoint-Templates-Great-PPT-Presentations-768x433 SlideSalad: A Marketplace for Premium Presentation Templates design tips

Many of the same elements that set apart other business presentations also work for startups. You may need a few more custom slide types as well for a company that isn’t out of the launch phase yet.

Look for a startup presentation template that includes slides for content such as your team, revenue projections, timelines, product information, and investment opportunities.

You can start with a multipurpose template solution, but with a startup pitch deck you’ll have more tools that relate to exactly what you are trying to communicate.

Corporate-PowerPoint-Templates-768x433 SlideSalad: A Marketplace for Premium Presentation Templates design tips

Corporate PowerPoint templates may look a little different than some of the other options available because they are designed to have a sleek, credible feel.

You’ll likely see this with some of the font choices on each slide as well as color, with more subtle or muted hues. While corporate presentation designs may use some high-design elements, they will likely have more of a timeless and classic design.

These templates will help you establish trust and authority with an audience.

Best-Minimalist-PowerPoint-Templates-768x433 SlideSalad: A Marketplace for Premium Presentation Templates design tips

The final style of PowerPoint presentation template on our list is in the minimalist style. A simple, sleek, clutter-free design solution is always ideal. Minimalist designs almost never go out of style and can provide plenty of room for you to focus on the content.

SlideSalad has minimalist templates in a variety of styles with plenty of whitespace, clean typefaces, and streamlined iconography.

As you customize one of these templates, you can even minimalize it even more by selecting just a handful of slide options to use and reuse in presentations to keep the visual load minimized and easy to understand.


SlideSalad presentation templates are ready to use as soon as you download them. Everything can be customized to fit your brand style and colors and they come with vector shapes and icons that will look great no matter where you present.

PowerPoints are all based on a Slide Master with image holders to every template is highly functional and easy to use. Visit SlideSalad today and choose from a number of free and premium templates to make your presentations look amazing.