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Brian Krogsgard

post-status-draft-masterminds-1 The benefits of Masterminds • Post Status design tips

Ken Wallace runs Mastermind Jam, which according to the website, “gives you everything you need to join, create, and manage your mastermind group, all without having to waste time cobbling together a bunch of different software, forms, and shared documents, even if you don’t have a large personal network.”

Here’s the episode:

Some of the topics discussed about Masterminds

  • Defining what a mastermind is
  • The difference between a mastermind and other community channels
  • Why masterminds are important to hold with peers outside of your company
  • Learning to trust your mastermind
  • The importance of consistency, and setting up a regular cadence
  • How to structure conversations
  • How to find people for a mastermind


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