definitely-maybe-logo-sketch-01 The hardest client to client design tips

Here’s a post I’m sure many of you can empathise with, from Daniel Benneworth-Gray’s column in Creative Review.

The hardest client to client.

“Time and time again, I realise I’m guilty of all my own client-from-hell pet peeves. My self-imposed deadline falls out the window as best intentions mutate and fragment; decisions get swayed by arbitrary passing fads; and yes, yes I do want to see that logo just a little bit bigger please.

“No, a bit bigger.


That’s worth thinking about the next time you’re unhappy about a client request.

Thankfully I can hold off a bit longer than Dan (obvious if you’ve been visiting this site since the 2008 launch). But I know the feeling. No sooner was the Logo Design Love book on shelves when I wanted it redesigned. Every now and again I think about changing the website, too, but it’s like Dan says when he talks about agonising over his Indexhibit portfolio five years ago; the sooner you recognise that the job’s done, the sooner you can get on with other things.

Read Mr Benneworth-Gray’s full post: The hardest client to client.

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logo-design-love-the-book The hardest client to client design tips