Ecommerce has redefined the shopping experiences of people and has offered an abundance of convenience to select and buy a product. Because it’s so easy to use, more and more ecommerce businesses are choosing to set up their online store on WordPress.

Setting up your own store is as easy as downloading the WooCommerce plugin. In this post, we’ll teach you how to get started.

Ease of navigation

Experts often recommend flattening the navigation process of your website. Simply put, a flat website design minimizes the number of clicks a consumer has to perform to arrive at his/her desired destination. If you visit some of the most distinguished online stores (Like Dark Horse or Over), you will find that they have made it increasingly effortless for the consumers to navigate through the website.

With the help of this compressed and flattened website structure, the number of clicks between the homepage and other relevant pages (or the pages consumers are looking for) has significantly decreased. That way, a visitor will find the required page without any hassle. What’s more, this simplified navigation system is a great way to enhance your SEO since it ensures that your site is easier for search engine bots to crawl.

Amazing visuals

Selecting remarkable pictures of your products is a significant step that entices your consumers to browse through, and gradually make a purchase from your store. So make sure to source good quality pictures. If you have the budget, you can hire professionals to take appealing pictures of the products you’ll be selling. This way, the consumers can look into the details and quality of your products easily.

When a customer lands at a product page, they will want to know the details, so adding a good picture is a must. In this case, also remember to include various shots from multiple angles. You can also integrate a lightbox plugin that lets the consumers zoom in on individual pictures and shift through the multiple pictures so they’re in complete control.

If you’re going to have your products shot, make sure to maintain consistency in the way they are photographed, which includes the lighting conditions and the setting. So, the consumers can compare the products on your website and make a purchase decision.

Live search feature

In order to assist your users to find exactly what they are looking for, you can adopt the Live Search feature. With the help of this feature, even the prospective consumers will be able to view the most relevant and popular search results of your online store in real time, thereby accelerating the process of online shopping.

You can also incorporate this feature using the WooCommerce Product Search extension.

Create relevant and meaningful content

A huge part of having a successful store is creating a well-rounded digital experience. A huge part of that is creating content. Every little aspect that goes into starting and setting up your ecommerce site can lay the foundation of the content you prepare for your brand.

This way, you can leverage your blog content by describing the USPs of your brand. You can also talk about what your consumers are into and how they can make the most of your products and services.

The following is a checklist for ecommerce businesses to create the best possible content.

  • The quality of the products should be superior.
  • Consumers must be entertained at all times.
  • Understand the importance of brand identity.
  • Learn about what consumers are looking for.
  • Have clarity on your brand goals, consumer needs and the elements that make your product unique.
  • Establishing a connection with consumers, that is beyond the business.

Categories and subcategories

When it comes to running an online store, one of the biggest mistakes people forget is to include different categories and subcategories. When a consumer lands on your site, chances are, they’ll want to sort the items while performing a search. Now, having categories allow the consumers to quickly find the relevant options. Additionally, you can also use subcategories to narrow down the results even further.

The first major reason to add this feature is SEO. The more focused pages you have with long tail keywords, the higher your chances of getting discovered by potential consumers in search engines like Google or Bing. So, while having a “kitchen appliances” category is great, adding subcategories for “Kitchen cookware sets” and “Kitchen storage containers” presents you with better odds of search engine ranking.

Involve your customer

Shoppers today are much more meticulous and expressive, so they are more than willing to share their experiences regarding the items they purchase. This serves as a wonderful opportunity for your store to leverage. Let your consumers submit their ratings and reviews of your services so that other people are encouraged to look at the things your consumers have bought.

These reviews will also allow you to gain some perspective into what customers are interested in and what’s significant for them. Reviews and feedback often help in elevating product conversions.

You can even consider offering discounts for reviews. By offering discounts, you provide an incentive for customers to come back to the site in the future, and their reviews help in adding credibility to your ecommerce site.

Customer support

Customer relations is a fundamental aspect of running a WordPress ecommerce site. It’s not just useful while dealing with issues like product shipping and refund. It is especially helpful in case of assisting the consumers to find products they are looking for and making their overall shopping experience memorable.

The simplest way to get started is to answer the most pertinent questions that shoppers generally have, such as those queries regarding payment and refunds, guarantees and returns. So, have a thoroughly defined FAQ page on your WooCommerce site and encourage the consumers to reach out to you with any queries they might have through different communication channels.

Wrapping up

Having a WordPress website may be an elaborate process, considering there are a multitude of aspects that need to be taken care of. But, knowing your way around WooCommerce saves a lot of effort.

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