Hey WordPress peeps! 

I’m starting a new little project, but first some background… Ten years ago this month I attended my first #WordCamp which was #WCOC in Southern California. I am 100% confident that attending that event changed my life in a positive way.

Over the years I’ve taken a plethora of photos at a multiple WordCamps and other WordPress events. For those who may not know, I was a FT photographer in a previous life.

About three years I found myself starting my mornings by launching the Photos app on my iPhone, entering the current date, and selecting “show all.” I like to revisit the memories and see what I was doing or where I was on that day in my history.

I would often then share a pic or two of in a group family chat I have or send a pic to a few people directly and add “Today in 2012… 2016,” etc. Some of you have also received these texts from me…. Just ask @mrkylemaurer.

Starting today and every day for the next year, I’ll be sharing 1-4 photos that appear on that day from the WP events I was at. I’ll tag the location and people there as well as I can. You can follow on Twitter (@KitchensinkWP) or kitchensinkwp.com.

Lastly, I just want to say thanks to this amazing community for being awesome! I look forward to see y’all soon IRL at an event and creating new images for the memory bank.

P.S. — I added a page to the KSWP website that will show the last seven days of the tweets with the hashtag #KSWP_PHOTO. Apparently the Twitter API + SmashBallon only allows for a maximum of days.

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