When web designers take up projects, they have the option of choosing from a number of platforms like Drupal, Joomla, Weebly, Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, etc. While all of them have proved to be popular with website developers for a variety of reasons, WordPress has emerged as the contentment management system of preference because of its multiple advantages.

Web designers really should choose WordPress for a variety of reasons.

Simple to Handle and Update

WordPress is extremely simple to learn. So, even if you are new to it there is not much of a learning curve. Apart from being intuitive and user-friendly, it is also very easy to update, which is why experts recommend it over the competition for using it as a backend for e-commerce websites, especially for the B2B sector.

There is this less dependency on the IT department or outsourced IT specialists. Any user in the organization who is authorized can update the content management system by simply logging in and making the change for instantaneous effect.

A World of Options

If you can imagine a need, it is likely that there will be a WordPress plugin for that function. Not only the common requirements of the sales and marketing teams are catered to by the third-party plugins but even the less used functions can be handled easily by installing plugins.

Typical WordPress plugin examples are optimizing metadata for each web page, caching tool to make pages load faster, embedding forms, or even a convenient way of subscribing to newsletters for users. The process is extremely simple; you just download the desired plugin from the internet and install in on the WordPress site that you are developing. According to a Tayloright.com SEO consultant, the beauty of using plugins is that they deliver a completely seamless experience for updating and managing your website.

Vibrant User Community and High Support Levels

WordPress now powers 30 percent of the web. That comes with a huge amount of community members who work to make the platform better. This community has been primarily responsible for developing help sites as well as vibrant discussion boards that have become very popular with web developers in search and solutions.

The community is there to educate and engage, and they also make sure the CMS stays safe, finding and reporting bugs. They also put on conferences called WordCamps, where designers and developers can network and learn together.


Websites and SEO are intertwined and there is no web developer that is not concerned about providing the best user experience that is possible. WordPress coding follows the best practices in the industry so it provides easy access to the search engine web crawlers. Additionally, you can take advantage of numerous plugins that make SEO a breeze. All in all, WordPress deserves its reputation for being versatile and easy to develop websites on.

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Maria Jones is a freelance web developer who specializes in developing and managing simple and economical websites based on the WordPress platform. Maria has more than a decade of web design experience in several reputed companies, including Tayloright.com.

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