TSB by Rufus Leonard

TSB merged with Lloyds Bank in 1995 to form Lloyds TSB, but today sees a return to the TSB branding across more than 600 UK high street branches. Approximately five million people will have their accounts transferred to the brand.

The BBC asked me to comment on the new monogram.

TSB logo
Old monogram (left), new (right), designed by Rufus Leonard, interim (below)

Lloyds TSB logo

Where a logo already exists, you rarely need a completely new design. More often than not, a subtle refinement will bring the logo up-to-date while keeping the equity that’s already there.

TSB logo
TSB branch mockup

This charming 2-minute animation accompanies the relaunch.

Read the short piece over on the BBC website: What’s behind the new TSB logo?

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