Well, the week started the release of  WooCommerce 6.5  and ended with a  6.5.1 bug fix release. Between all of that, WooCommerce Blocks 7.6 was also released.

Over on Do the Woo, we had a conversation about the upcoming release of WordPress 6.0. The Woo Roundtable, consisting of Ronald Gijsel, Robbie Adair, Robert Jacobi, and Tammie Lister dove in to offer some insights about 6.0 and how WooCommerce plays into it.

Then Ronnie Burt from Sensei LMS and Automattic shared his extensive experience in the wider education space and his journey to move into the WordPress ecosystem, and LMS space:

“And so when I think about democratizing education, I think about how do we help [provide] the best content [so the] best learning experiences bubble to the top and be found.”

A little bird told me about a drop in the WordPress market share. Or actually, a Tweet from Joost de Valk. As a result I had to add my small take to the influx of reaction we have seen. It’s short!

I think we just need to wait and see what shakes out. It’s too early to say if this is a new trend.

“…I am not losing any sleep over that number right now. To be fair, depending on your own stakes, you may feel differently. And trust me, there are some interesting insights that Joost shared in the post, as well as others that are either agreeing with or serving a rebuttal. And if you dare go down that rabbit hole, well, good luck.”

Trust me, I didn’t spend much time on my response for several reasons:

“I have had touchpoints in the technical space for over 3 decades. If I was someone that could predict what came next for any specific technology, or 100% understood a lot of the ups and downs, well, maybe I wouldn’t be rich but I would sure have a lot to talk about.”